2 Awesome Videos Which Will Make You Forget About Qeemay Walay Naan

IRSHAD SALIM (JUL 4, 2018): Two videos shared with us on WhatsApp inspire confidence that Pakistan is indeed a couldron of people and places hitherto not so propagated on social media and the world wide web at large.

Amid cacophony of arguments, debates, discourses, punches and counter-punches following them the real narrative gets buried and the vacuum gets filled by those who orchestrate the divide, the gloom, doom, guns, berets, and the boots on ground in the region— ironically Pakistan — for lack of somewhat capability and capacity — stacked up over years of inaction, and misplaced priorities — politely speaking — have made us look like a pumpkin hanging upside down.

Obviously then, our neurological and psychological quadrants would upend if bad things thrust upon us and our psyche did not come to a halt.

Now that the dust is clearing up, the bad and the ugly guys have been dispatched to the boondoggles, and the good ones faces are showing, and the project democracy in its next inning, there are happy and smiley faces in the streets. Up north, where a Halloween and scare crows once pervaded the azure skies during daytime and the starry ambiance at nights, the silhouettes of all things good are re-appearing.

Don’t believe it? Watch the two videos:

The land the West calls it by many names. It has only one name though: Cool, awesome and a must visit place on earth. Yes it’s southeast of New York, not that far.

Can you beat that? Decide for yourself.

And, here’s happy the man (Pakistani) — the party must go one…

Keep it up young man…

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