2 irrigation engineers, official arrested for ‘corrupt practices’ in Sheikhupura

BE2C2 Report — At least three officials of the irrigation department were arrested for their involvement in corrupt practices in Sheikhupura district of Punjab.

An official requesting anonymity, told The Express Tribune the accused included a sub engineer, executive engineer and sub divisional officer. “They took millions of rupees from the factory owners and granted them permission to discharge industrial waste into the canals,” he added.

He maintained, “Most factories lack waste treatment plants due to the interference and hindrances created by police, irrigation and environmental (departments) officials.”

He said, “It is essential to treat waste water before releasing it into the canals or rivers. It is alarming that most industries have been started without proper planning and waste treatment plants. They just dispose of untreated toxic waste into nearby drains, canals or rivers.”

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