Chinese PM to visit Pakistan in March; Indian Premier to visit China in May

Islamabad, Feb 2, 2015 — Pakistan on Monday conducted a successful test of its new Raad cruise missile coincidentally two days after India successfully test-fired its longest-range nuclear-capable Agni-V missile from a mobile launcher.

Pakistan’s missile has a range of 350 km and was designed to achieve strategic standoff capability on land and sea. It was developed indigenously in Pakistan.

India’s Agni-V missile can carry a warhead as far as China in the east and all over Europe in the west.

Modi tweeted: “Successful test-firing of Agni-V from a canister makes the missile a prized asset for our forces. I salute the scientists for their efforts.”

Meanwhile, according to reports, the Chinese President Xi Jinping is likely to be the chief guest at the joint military parade of Pakistan’s armed forces on March 23rd — its national day. The parade is being held after a gap of 7 years.

The last military parade took place on March 23, 2008 during the tenure of Gen Pervez Musharraf as president.

The parade was not held since then due to security reasons.

Coincidently, Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj announced today during a three-day visit to Beijing that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit China in May.

Both announcements today — that Chinese President will visit to Pakistan in March and Indian PM will visit to China in May come days after after US President Barack Obama’s landmark visit to India last week.

China deletes online reports that it is building a second aircraft carrier

News that China is building a second aircraft carrier was leaked by an overenthusiastic local government, but reports were subsequently deleted from Web sites and social media in Beijing, reported the Washington Post today.

The government in Changzhou, in eastern Jiangshu province, boasted Sunday on social media that a local firm had won a contract to supply electrical cabling for the carrier. It later deleted the post, but not before it had been widely circulated. A report in a local newspaper was also withdrawn.

China, the world’s second-largest economy, trails not only developed countries but also India when it comes to aircraft carriers. While India has two carriers in operation and one under construction, China has just one — a training ship rebuilt from an old Soviet carrier, the paper wrote. (MAMOSA Report)

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