Google’s Gmail will now let you ‘undo send’ all those really embarassing emails

gmail-undo-send-buttonNEW YORK, June 24, 2015 (MAMOSA Report) — Gmail, Google’s email service which is the world’s most popular email platform, has officially added its “Undo Send” feature to the Web-based version of the service.

Previously an experimental feature as part of Gmail’s “labs,” the feature lets users retract an email after it’s been sent.

Users can choose a time window between five and 30 seconds during which they’ll be able to recall that embarrassing or offending email.

Google first introduced the feature in 2009 but was in beta status. It will now be located in Gmail’s general settings tabs (previously hidden in the “labs” section), but users will have to manually enable it.


Google’s new email app, Inbox, also sports the “Undo Send” feature for those who need the safety net when on the go. In late May, the company made Inbox available to everyone after an invite-only testing phase. Now everyone can recall sent emails in Gmail but within 30 seconds maximum.


Here’s how to enable the “Undo Send” feature in Gmail on the web.


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