Former envoy to KSA, Naeem Khan promoted to highest civil service position: Grade-22

Former Pakistani ambassador Muhammad Naeem Khan pictured in a meeting with Prince Khalid bin Bandar. (April 2014)

RIYADH (MAMOSA Report) — Former ambassador to Saudi Arabia Mr. Naeem Khan, who last year was appointed assistant secretary general of Jeddah-based Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has been promoted to Grade 22 — the highest position a civil servant can ever attain during service in Pakistan government.


“As a civil servant I always did my best to serve the public interest,” Mr. Khan told PKonweb when contacted. “Allah SWT has been very kind.”

A high power promotion board had met in Islamabad this week under the chairmanship of PM Nawaz Sharif to review such promotions.

Grade 22 is is the final and epic grade to which a civil servant can rise in Pakistan.

Khan was elected by OIC member states last year as its assistant secretary-general. During his tenure as ambassador, the Saudi-Pakistan bilateral relationship witnessed “remarkable progress”. He and his team at the embassy was instrumental in regularizing several hundred thousand undocumented Pakistanis in the kingdom where more than 1.6 million Pakistani expats work and send the highest amount of remittance every year — over $5.5 billion, and growing.

Khan, who served as Pakistan ambassador in Riyadh for over three years marked by growth in magnitude and direction of Saudi-Pak relations, holds the distinction of serving in major Pakistani missions including Washington, Beijing, Sanaa and Madrid.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had nominated Khan last year to be Pakistan’s top representative to the OIC in Jeddah for the tenure year 2014-2019. He is associated with Science & Technology initiatives of the OIC.

His candidature for the position was endorsed by Saudi Arabia and he won the elections, which took place in the second week of December, 2013, by receiving 10 out of the 18 votes.

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