Founder of women-only jirga in Swat wins Nelson Mandela award

ISLAMABAD (MAMOSA Report): Social activist Tabassum Adnan, who fights for women’s rights, has won the Nelson Mandela — Graça Machel Innovation Award 2016, it was reported on Friday.


The award was publicly announced on Thursday in Colombia, Geo News said.

Tabassum Adnan received the award in the individual activist category, Geo News reported.

The Swat Valley resident is the founder of Khwendo Jirga, the first women-only “jirga” in Pakistan.

Married at age 13, Adnan suffered 20 years of physical and mental abuse before she divorced her husband, causing her to lose her children, her home and money, Geo News said. She started her NGO, Khwendo Jirga (Sister’s Council), which meets weekly to address issues of women’s right, including honour killings, and acid attacks.

The jirga campaigns for women in Swat Valley, including issues related to women’s security and their voting rights.

In March 2015, Adnan was awarded the International Women of Courage award in the US.

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