Korean group shows interest to install 100MW solar plant near Karachi

be2c2-grfx-jul-2016BE2C2 Report, Jul 18, 2016 — A Korean group has shown interest to install a 100 megawatt solar power plant near Karachi to resolve the issue of electricity in the metropolis.

Official sources told media that the plant will be based on Built Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis.

After installation of the plant, it will meet hundred megawatt power shortages of Karachi and its surrounding areas.

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The plant is expandable up to 250 megawatt and encompasses a new technique which will provide uninterrupted energy by solar system, it has emerged.

Meanwhile, a Lahore-based power generation company announced it intends to supply electricity to Karachi Electric (KE) company.

OurSun Solar Power Limited has sought a licence for its proposed 50MW solar power plant in the Gharo sun corridor of Thatta district, it has emerged.

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OurSun is a Joint Venture between Switzerland’s Meeco Group (clean energy solutions provider) and two Pakistani leading business houses — Orient Power and Multinet, a leading data and voice communication provider.

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  1. Mustafa Abdullah July 18, 2016 at 10:55 pm

    Please note as follows:
    1. There is no such thing as sun corridor. The entire Sindh is sunny for 10 months, hence suitable for solar. Please note the ideal temperature for solar installation is 25-30 C. Higher temperature results in loss of efficiency every following year.
    2. If established capacity (in Sindh) is 100 MW, the average annual output of electricity is maximum 18 MW, concentrated during day time. Such large scale solar plants cannot have storage batteries for supply during night time. Hence such large solar systems are always grid connected.
    3. Solar electricity in Sindh will be atleast 35% more efficient than same system operating in say Germany because of solar radiation factor.
    4. Most suitable for Pakistan is off-grid solar installed on houses, specially in areas having 10 to 18 hours of load shedding. With new DC airconditioners, refrigerators, LED lights, DC pumps (for water evacuation from wells), solar system installation is becoming manageble and more affordable by households and small commercial set-ups.

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