“Nazia Hassan’s Schools for Studying” aims to educate Karachi’s street children

Zammer, Kamala and Ghaffar

Zammer, Kamala and Ghaffar

Sep 3, 2016 (BE2C2 Report) — Spearheaded by renowned singer Nazia Hassan’s mother, the new charity and donation based school aims to make sure Karachi’s street children “don’t get left behind”.

The new initiative launched by ‘Nazia Hassan Foundation’ will possibly be the first of its kind in Pakistan’s financial city which has a populous of more than 20 million population and the largest number of street kids.

Muniza Basir, mother of the famous Pakistani pop artist, told Dawn about the family’s latest initiative. The charity also aims to provide a long term solution to children who grow up on the streets by providing them with diplomas from established universities.

“We are working towards establishing a school here in Karachi, but this is not just any other school in Pakistan. This school is specifically dedicated to the grooming and education of working children on the streets – who have been burdened with the expectation of earning for their entire families at the expense of their own education,” she said.

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karachi-street-children-schoolNazia’s parents aspire to offer street children a course on whatever they are already doing as a profession, while also teaching them basic subjects such as English, mathematics, computer skills and history. “The aim of this initiative is to brush up skills that would help them flourish in their profession, while also being capable of going and taking up their work in any other place and not having to worry about getting by,” Ms. Basir said.

While they hope to branch out to other parts of Pakistan, Muniza believes that “charity begins at home”.

“Karachi was where Nazia was born, and like millions of other people – it is her home. We plan on starting out here, and Karachi has the greatest number of such children running around, looking for any kind of work that will get them doh wakt ki roti,” reasons Muniza.

Muniza says that the project has been entirely self-funded.

The tentative name for the school is the ‘Nazia Hassan Foundation’, but Muniza says it may change to Nazia Hassan’s Schools for Studying. So far there is no confirmation of the school’s opening date.


(Based on reporting in Dawn.)

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