Snowfall and Scenic Beauty of “Murree of Sindh”: Gorakh Hills– in Pictures

(MAMOSA Report); Sept 30, 2016 — On February 3rd, 2015, Gorakh Hills in the Dadu district of Sindh witnessed snowfall. Visitors call Gorakh Hills the ‘Murree’ of Sindh because of its pleasant weather and scenic beauty.


Snowfall also took place in Gorakh Hills in 2008 and 2002. It is situated at a height of 5688 feet above the sea level — highest peak of the province’s Kithar mountain range.


Gorakh Hill is almost 94 kilometers from its district headquarter Dadu, or approximately 500 kilometers from Karachi.


It is located in the direction of North-West in the mountain range of Kithar, which is the provincial boundary between Sindh and Balochistan.


This mountain area in Sindh has a very pleasant weather in summer.


The Gorakh Hills hillstation and tourism project was designed to give the people of Sindh a summer resort of their own, and though Murree and Ziarat, which were small administrative units of the government, have developed over time, Gorakh Hills remained unattended.


What is now known as Gorakh Hills was originally called ‘Gorag’ by the English, who identified the area in 1860 as a summer resort where they could go to escape the heat of low lying cities.


Gorakh Hills is located 450 kilometers north of Karachi and can be reached via Sehwan or Dadu.


A proposal has been put forward to develop the area and open a number of hotels and motels in the area “which would either be sold off or leased out.


Tourists who often make an eight hour drive from Karachi to the Murree of Sindh are disappointed at the infrastructure of the area. “There is no food to buy. We were hoping for something better,” a tourist said.


Another said, “We appeal to the Sindh Government to improve infrastructure, the roads need repair, donkeys have occupied police check posts, and there are no trees for shade.”


Untapped potential

“The 54-kilometer road leading from Wahi Pandhi to Gorakh Hill is completely dilapidated and visiting Gorakh is quiet an adventure,” said a tourist, Israr Pirzada to the Express Tribune, adding that if a proper road is built, people from Karachi, Hyderabad and other cities and towns of Sindh will stop traveling to the northern areas of the country and instead visit the hill station.


“This is third time I am visiting this place with my family,” said another tourist, Ahmed Faraz, who belonged to Karachi. “Unfortunately, this wonderful tourist spot is not on the priority list of our government.”


In order to convert Gorakh Hill into advanced tourist’s spot, Sindh government has allocated Rs 2.5 billion, Daily Times reports.

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