Trump’s transition team official issues veiled threat to Pakistan, China

MAMOSA Report; Jan 3, 2017 — In an apparent reference to Pakistan and China, a member of United States President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team on Monday said the incoming president was not going to tolerate dual role from India’s neighbors, India Today reported today.

Trump’s transition team official Shalab Kumar said both Washington and New Delhi will share good defense cooperation in fight against terrorism, according to Reuters.

“You need to have a good defense cooperation among friends which is happening already but this is going to accelerate dramatically in fight against terrorism. President-elect has made a policy very very clear, he is not going to tolerate the dual role from India’s neighbors,” said Kumar in New Delhi.

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Kumar, an Indian-origin (businessman) member of Donald Trump’s advisory council is the President of Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) and considered close to the incoming president, and had donated $898,000 towards the Trump campaign.

Steven Mnuchin, a banker who is Trump’s Treasury Secretary pick, and Kumar, were reportedly the brains behind the successful “Aab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar” campaign.

It was during the Humanity United Against Terror fundraising event, hosted by the RHC in New Jersey, that Trump made a famous speech in which he said: “I Love Hindus”.

A day before the election, Trump had met some Hindu community leaders in Orlando and also sent his daughter-in-law to a Hindu Temple in Virginia.

President-elect Donald Trump stunned the world on November 8 by defeating heavily favored Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House, ending eight years of Democratic rule and sending the United States on a new, uncertain path.

Trump had pledged that the United States and India would be “best friends” if he is elected and that he would boost intelligence sharing with India in the battle against Islamic militants.

Kumar also said the prime objective during the first year of Trump’s presidency was to increase trade between the two countries.

“The goal of the first term of Trump Presidency is to increase that (trade) 100 billion a year to 300 billion a year and in that process is a win-win for all sides,” added Kumar.

Trump, who at 70 will be the oldest first-term US president, came out on top after a bitter and divisive campaign that focused largely on the character of the candidates and whether they could be trusted to serve as the country’s 45th president.

India-US ties have flourished under President Barack Obama and Modi, who came to power in 2014, with the two countries striking key defense agreements this year.

The two countries cooperate on a wide range of issues including counterterrorism, regional security and defense. India is also a major market for US weapons.

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