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Saturday, June 2nd, 2018


Fury in Kashmir After Indian Forces Vehicle Crush Youth To Death; Shotguns Fired At Funeral

Incident is the second in less than a month involving Indian security forces vehicle killing Kashmiri protester during the weekly stone-throwing demonstrations in the restive Himalayan valley Jun 2, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — Indian occupied Kashmir is once again in the grip of violence after an Indian military vehicle crushed a young man to death in the disputed valley. The funeral procession for the victim turned violent in the occupied Himalayan valley’s summer capital, Srinagar. Police fired shotgun pellets at the funeral procession after protests erupted. Security forces also sent tearRead More

Egypt’s Sisi Sworn in For Second Presidential Term With Vow to Fight Terrorism

Sisi overthrew Islamist Mohamed Mursi, Egypt’s first freely-elected president, after protests against Mursi’s rule in 2013. Jun 2, 2018 — Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was sworn in for a second term as Egyptian president on Saturday with a vow to fight “those who choose violence, terrorism and extremism” — after a landslide victory in a March election in which all serious opponents had withdrawn. Egyptian air force fighter planes drew the Egyptian flag across the sky in red, white and black smoke, while helicopters buzzed over the former military chief’s motorcadeRead More

India to Buy Some Israeli Anti-Tank ‘Spike’ Missiles Until It Makes Them Locally

Jun 2, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — India is reportedly set to buy a batch of anti-tank guided missiles from Israel in a bid to boost its military capabilities against Pakistan and China and preparedness for a potential two-front war with its western and northern neighbors. Indian government is likely to soon finalize with Israel purchase of a batch of Spike anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), which would significantly enhance its anti-tank capability against its two neighbors Islamabad and Beijing, according to news reported in Times of India. The report quoted an unnamedRead More

Court Rulings Put Election Commission On Overdrive To Hold Polls On Schedule

Jun 2, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — The mother of all deals political parties made last October in parliament to defang the Elections Commission of Pakistan from conducting close scrutiny of their potential candidates for elections stands scuttled by a judgment of Lahore High Court Friday. The court has ruled that lack of disclosures and information on potential candidates essentially means that a voter will not have the required information on the basis of which an informed decision can be made. The court said Forms (included in Electoral Reforms Act 2017) toRead More

Defense, Foreign Minister Dastgir’s Talking Points On Last Day in Office

Jun 1, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — Defense and Foreign minister Khurram Dastgir on the last day (Thursday) of the civilian setup, briefed newsmen along with Foreign Office spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal about foreign policy achievements of the PML-N-led government in Islamabad. Briefly, he highlighted  the following major developments, progress, and Islamabad’s key foreign policy group think going forward: — Relationship with China is the top most priority of the country’s foreign policy. — Pakistan entered into strategic partnership with China and launched the historic CPEC project. — Pakistan tackled challenges throughRead More

Pak Looks at Region “Geoeconomically, Not Geostrategically”

Pakistan was now looking at the region geoeconomically, not geostrategically IRSHAD SALIM (Jun 1, 2018)– The mega CPEC program would continue to be implemented despite changes in governments in Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir is now been integrated into it with four ongoing projects. “There would be continuity in CPEC related projects, which would be completed without interruption”, said the President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan at a seminar in Vienna. Titled “Pakistan’s New Role between China and Europe; Opportunities and Challenges of China’s Silk RoadRead More

U.S. Unemployment Rate Matches Historic Low As Payrolls Rise

Jobless rate fell to 3.8% to match April 2000 as the lowest since 1969 Jun 1, 2018 (BE2C2) — Last month, the United States added 223,000 jobs beating forecasts and the unemployment rate matched its lowest level in five decades, the Labor Department said Friday. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said in its report employment edged up in the retail, healthcare and construction sectors. Retail trade added 31,000 jobs while manufacturing added 18,000. The construction industry, often a key contributor to U.S. workforce growth, gained 25,000 jobs. Healthcare jobs increasedRead More

Indonesia to Allow Maids to Work in Middle East Again

Jakarta imposed a total ban on sending maids to the Middle East in 2015 after two were sentenced to death Jun 2, 2018 — The Indonesian government is considering lifting a ban on sending domestic workers to the Middle East. From 2011 to 2013, Jakarta imposed a temporary ban on sending domestic workers to the Middle East after reports of them being abused and tortured. In 2015, a total ban for 21 countries was imposed, the Jakarta Globe reported. Among the 21 countries were Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, QatarRead More

Lakes Appear in Empty Quarter Desert Where Many Secrets, Resources Remain Buried Under the Sands

Last year oil giant Saudi Aramco announced it is using new technology to re-explore the Empty Quarter, which could help to bolster its proven reserves of oil and gas before the company offers its shares to the public. Jun 2, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — CYCLONE Mekunu has turned parts of the arid Rub’ Al-Khali desert, also known as the Empty Quarter, into freshwater lakes, in a rare phenomenon that has not happened in nearly 30 years. Rainwater fell and gathered in different parts of the desert, such as Al-Khareer, Thabltoun andRead More