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Wednesday, June 6th, 2018


‘We Need Completely Clean People to Contest Polls’: Supreme Court

An implementation bench by the top court would be formed on how to conduct the elections;  the court would itself ensure that election rules regarding expenditure and banner sizes are followed. Jun 6, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) —  Considered one of the defining moments of elections 2018, the country’s top court on Wednesday made it mandatory for all candidates contesting in the upcoming polls to submit an affidavit that would require them to disclose all the information omitted in the new forms designed and approved by the Parliament as part of theRead More

‘Justice Spring’: Twitter Demands #JusticeForKhadija, Drawing The Top Court’s Attention

Jun 6, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar took suo motu notice on Tuesday of recent acquittal by Lahore High Court of Shah Hussain, the man earlier convicted for stabbing fellow law student Khadija Siddiqui 23 times and critically injuring her. On Monday, LHC’s Justice Ahmed Naeem acquitted convict Hussain, giving him benefit of doubt — a verdict which was immediately dubbed as travesty of justice. Hussain had stabbed his class fellow Khadija multiple times for rejecting his proposal. The attempted murder incident took placeRead More

Shahbaz: “If We Form a Majority, We’ll Take Opposition Along, Otherwise We’ll Play Constructive Role As Opposition”

This is the first time Shahbaz in his capacity as PML-N president has commented about winning or losing in candid terms. Jun 6, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — PML-N party president Shahbaz Sharif has warned of serious consequences if the upcoming elections were not held in a transparent manner. The twice elected CM Punjab was commenting on social media chatter on alleged role of certain powers in preventing the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) from returning to power at the Center and in the largest province of the country whose electoral majority carriesRead More

U.S. Jobs Outnumber Jobless For First Time in 20 Years

Jun 6, 2018 (BE2C2) — For the first time in 20 years, there are more job openings in the United States than there are job seekers, the Department of Labor said. The department said Tuesday job openings in April reached a record high of 6.7 million as compared to December 2017 figure  of 5.996 million which increased to 6.55 million in May. Openings in April increased the most in durable goods manufacturing and information — while jobs in finance and insurance decreased as compared to March. JLL Research report releasedRead More

114 Undocumented Workers Arrested In U.S.; Protests Over Separating Migrant Children From Parents

Jun 5, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — U.S. immigration agents raided two Ohio garden stores Tuesday and arrested 114 workers believed to be undocumented immigrants for alleged identity theft. It was the largest such sting by Homeland Security and immigration agents in recent years. The agents carried out raids at two separate locations in Ohio where along with the arrests, agents carried out boxes of what a spokesman called “a lot of documentary evidence” from one of the stores. The investigation into Corso’s began in October when agents arrested a woman thatRead More