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Tuesday, July 24th, 2018


PTI, PML-N Running Neck and Neck, Undecided Voters Turnout To Swing Election 2018 Results

A PKonweb/BE2C2 analysis reveals that overall voters turnout is expected to exceed 2013 numbers by nearly 8 to 10 percent with maximum increase among youth, women and the millenials both in rural and urban. That could upset forecasts. JUL 24, 2018: PTI and PML-N are running neck and neck, with PTI ahead in the national vote bank and PML-N ahead in Punjab. According to Gallup Pakistan’s latest poll of polls, PTI vote has increased rapidly nationally since 2013 (nearly doubling in a short span), while PML-N vote has dropped sinceRead More

Deconstructing Husain Haqqani’s Latest Broadsheet On Election 2018

IRSHAD SALIM: I HAVE read with a bald eagle interest Mr. Husain Haqqani’s latest opinion piece and as a fellow countryman (US and Pakistan), I admire his articulated drive to followup on the “Media Construct” which was recently launched on international level to attempt deconstructing Election 2018. Mr. Haqqani has already mentioned that if PML-N doesn’t win in Punjab on national and provincial seats, the said party won’t accept the results. A similar campaign was amiss in 2013 when PML-N was striving to win. The party was declared winner amidRead More