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Saturday, July 28th, 2018


US Farmers Fear $12 Billion Aid Package a Sign of Extended Trade War

JUL 28, 2018: The Trump administration’s $12 billion farm aid package is a sign to many in the agricultural sector that the administration does not foresee an end to the escalating trade war with China this year. “You don’t create an aid package like this if you don’t think the damage is already done and not easily reversed,” said Chad Hart, an economist with Iowa State University. “This is definitely an indication that the administration sees the tariffs playing out through 2018.” The trade dispute began July 6, when theRead More

NY Times Backs Imran Khan’s Campaign to Reform Pakistan

JUL 28, 2018: Leading American newspaper, the New York Times, on Saturday hailed Imran Khan’s “impressive” election victory and urged the United States (US), China and India to create ease in his way towards reforming Pakistan. “His (Imran Khan’s) main call is to reform Pakistan’s woeful governance and put an end to the patronage networks that have facilitated widespread graft,” the New York Times said in its main editorial: ‘A New Batsman for Pakistan’. “In a country as corrupt and troubled as Pakistan, a new, charismatic leader is bound toRead More

Recount Aamir Liaquat, Vawda Constituencies Votes, It Will Expose Poll Rigging: Kamal

JUL 28, 2018: Karachi-based Pak Sarzameen Party’s leader and former mayor Mustafa Kamal claimed that election’s transparency will stand exposed after a recount on the seats won by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Faisal Vawda and Aamir Liaquat in the metropolis. Vawda won NA-249 seat against PML-N President and former CM Punjab Mian Shehbaz Sharif after reportedly getting 35,344 votes against Sharif’s 34,626 (a difference of 718 with vote rejections exceeding 3000) votes, and Liaquat won NA-245 after defeating MQM-Pakistan leader Dr Farooq Sattar with 56,615 votes against Sattar’s 35,247 votes. Sharif‘s requestRead More

MQM-P To Support PTI Form Coalition Govt in Center

JUL 28, 2018: With Imran Khan led PTI needing more votes to form a coalition government at the center — as it lacks simple majority, movers and shakers of the party have reached out to the independents and to Karachi-based MQM-P whose several candidates won national assembly seats from the mega city. Once its stronghold, MQM’s Karachi mandate has now changed hands after Khan’s party won more national assembly and Sindh assembly seats from the mega city than MQM won. “The possibilities are limitless after PTI tsunami hit Karachi”, theRead More

Imran Khan’s Victory and Need For A New Social Contract

ZAHID HUSSAIN: Imran Khan has laid down the basic policy framework for his impending government, seeking national reconciliation and promising to focus on economic reforms. In his first public address since his party swept the polls, the prime minister-in-waiting declared that his administration would crack down on corruption and hold accountability across the board. He has also vowed to strengthen state institutions and improve relations with the US and neighboring countries, saying Pakistan needs peace for economic progress. “We are facing governance and economic challenges. Our economy has never beenRead More

Breaking the Mould: PTI’s Success Holy Grail For New Republic

IRSHAD SALIM (Jul 27, 2018): Legendary cricketer turned politician Imran Khan and his party have surfaced as harbinger of a new thought wave among Pakistanis post July 25 polls — a rising urban middle class, growing awareness among youth and women, as a result of a vibrant media and civic society actually fast-forwarded the process. The judicial activism against misgovernance and corruption additionally facilitated the speed and direction of the ascent of a new establishment albeit an anti-status quo. In Pakistan, ‘establishment’ is a common euphemism for the military-judiciary yingRead More

Lebanese Expat Arrested For Punching Girlfriend to Death in Dubai

JUL 28, 2018: A Lebanese expat, who caused the death of his girlfriend with a punch on her face in an apartment in Dubai Marina, has been arrested. The suspect was arrested within 18 hours after the murder was reported to the police. According to the police, the suspect said during interrogation that he was drunk at the time of the incident and he did not intend to kill her. He said he assaulted the victim in a fit of rage, without “realising it would lead to her death”. Lieutenant-ColonelRead More

1,500 Migrants Have Died in the Mediterranean in 2018: UN

JUL 27, 2018: For the fifth straight year, at least 1,500 migrants have perished in the Mediterranean, with the route between Libya and Italy being the deadliest, claiming the lives of one in 19, the UN migration agency said on Friday. Spain, which has overtaken Italy as the preferred destination, has registered nearly 21,000 migrants so far this year, almost more than in the whole of last year, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said. In all, about 55,000 migrants have reached European shores so far this year, against moreRead More