How Much Imran Khan Not Using PM House Could Fuel Other Initiatives Over Next 5 Yrs

AUG 4, 2018 (BE2C2 Report): Imran Khan, the next-in-line prime minister has decided not to live in the PM House Complex in capital Islamabad. Khan’s decision not to live in the Prime Minister House is expected to save billions of Pakistani rupees annually. “The PM House is a royal palace. I feel ashamed of sitting […]

China Bird Drones to Watch Over Citizens

Called “Dove” they are part of China’s Social Credit System AUG 3, 2018: Look! Up there! A pretty little bird gliding majestically through the sky, encapsulating the beauty of natu — oh wait. It’s a high-tech surveillance drone. Over recent years, more than 30 Chinese military and government agencies have reportedly been using drones made […]

Canadian Tennis Star Teases Fans With VIDEO of ‘Wet T-Shirt Contest’

AUG 5, 2018: Eugenie Bouchard teasingly offered an alternative version of the contest, which may have not been as provocative as the original, but was a hit with fans, who appreciated her sense of humor. In a playful Instagram post, Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard, 24, shared a video of her wringing out a sweaty […]