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Wednesday, September 5th, 2018


Pompeo Finds Pak Leaders on One Page on Pak-US Relations, Afghanistan

Pompeo upbeat on ‘reset’ with Pakistan after meeting new PM Khan, report Reuters SEP 5, 2018 (Updated): Senior US and Pakistani officials met in capital Islamabad today to reset bilateral relations which has seen a double down due to gaps in their views on Afghanistan peace and reconciliation process. This was the first high level dialogue after US-Pak communication neared complete breakdown during the last government’s tenure. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who was accompanied by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford and a four-memberRead More

How Realistic and Practical is Imran Khan’s 5m Houses, 10m Jobs Initiative

The housing with jobs plan could become a stronger one than the CPEC in short run and definitely as strong in the long run if run concurrently IRSHAD SALIM (Sep 4, 2018): The PTI-led government under Prime Minister Imran Khan has jump started efforts to construct 5 million low cost and affordable houses which could resolve housing shortage in the country, specially in major cities while at the same time generate job opportunities for the unemployed and the youth and help promote economic growth. The mega initiative is part of Read More