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Monday, September 17th, 2018


New UK-Pakistan Partnership On Justice, Accountability; Agreement Signed on Repatriation of ‘Looted Wealth’

SEP 17, 2018: Law Minister Dr Farogh Naseem and British Home Secretary Sajid Javid on Monday jointly announced a justice and accountability agreement between UK and Pakistan aimed at repatriating “the looted wealth of the country”. The agreement — which the duo insisted will not target individuals, but is a broader agreement between the two governments to collaborate for the elimination of a variety of crimes — was arrived at during the British home secretary’s official visit to Islamabad. “The aim of this agreement is to bring back the lootedRead More

China Using 60,000 Soldiers to Plant a Forest the Size of Ireland

Can Pakistan adopt a similar model –along with the rest of the nation? SEP 16, 2018: China will plant new forests covering an area roughly the size of Ireland this year as it aims to increase forest coverage to 23 percent of its total landmass by the end of the decade, China Daily reported on Friday. Planting trees has become a key part of China’s efforts to improve its environment and tackle climate change, and the government has pledged to raise total coverage from 21.7 percent to 23 percent overRead More

How Important Provinces Role Is In Seeking IMF Bailout Package

IRSHAD SALIM (Sep 16, 2018): Whether Pakistan borrows from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or from Beijing and Riyadh, revenue generation and belt-tightening on federal as well as provincial level have become inevitable. Narrowing the mounting gap between external liabilities and available foreign exchange by the federation by seeking bailouts while provinces continue to spend lavishly is no longer an option going forward — the chickens have come home to roost as a result of 10-year “Russian Roulette” albeit “Casino economy”. Seeking to eliminate corruption and chasing hidden assets ofRead More