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Wednesday, October 31st, 2018


Aasia Bibi Verdict: PM Khan Leads From the Front, Warns Agents of Chaos: ‘Don’t Clash With the State’

“Whoever is found involved in instigating a chaos in the name of Islam will be dealt with the law of the land”: PM Khan “We cannot run the country from the streets. We can [only] run this country according to the Constitution and law”: PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto ISLAMABAD, Oct 31, 2018: A day before embarking on his first historical visit (5-day) to China, Pakistan’s all-weather friend and long term ally, PM Imran Khan addressed the nation through a video message and delivered a strong and defiant rebuke to religiousRead More

These Paintings, Video and a Viral Pic Tell-Tale Kashmir Unvarnished

IRSHAD SALIM, (Islamabad,; Oct 31, 2018): Poignant artworks by Pakistani children on Kashmir went on display at the embassy in Riyadh –a first such expose  on the occasion of Black Day October 27th –depicting a kaleidoscopic expression of form, color and substance of a human event undergoing generational metamorphism for the last 70 years and counting. The Pakistani embassy in Washington also held an exhibition on the Kashmir struggle the same day. Both Pakistani missions abroad considered two most important stations of the country on its diplomatic front had organizedRead More

‘Halal Coins Only’: First Islamic Cryptocurrency Exchange Being Launched

BE2C2 Report; Oct 30, 2018: UAE based ADAB Solutions is planning to launch the First Islamic Crypto Exchange (FICE) which will be operating “according to the principles of Shariah law.” The company said it is expecting to reach $146 million daily trading and $4.4 billion monthly turnover by 2020. The Shariah compliant crypto project hasn’t been launched yet but it has already gotten the attention of the global crypto community. The company expects to attract around 730,000 people after the launch of the project in 2019. The team plans toRead More