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Thursday, November 1st, 2018


2 Muslim American Women Poised to Win Midterm Elections Nov. 6

NEW YORK (Nov 1, 2018): Two Muslim women are expected to make it to the US Congress in the midterm election next week, marking a historic first even as anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric has been on the rise. Ilhan Omar, a Somali refugee, is all but certain to be elected to the US House of Representatives in a heavily-Democratic district in the Midwestern state of Minnesota, where she is the party’s nominee. Presently Republicans maintain control of the House of Representatives. Rashida Tlaib, a social worker born in Detroit toRead More

NASA Believes it Can Make Rocket Fuel from Martian Soil

BE2C2 Report (Nov 2, 2018): Though scientists are planning to travel to Mars, enough rocket fuel to make a return trip still stands as a major hurdle. However, scientists now believe they can make rocket fuel from Martian soil. In a new study published in IEEE Spectrum, NASA team lead Kurt Leucht wrote about how the space agency is working towards finding a solution that will let future Mars missions extract rocket fuel from the red planet’s soil. (Video below) Though the system is called ‘in situ resource utilization’ (ISRU),Read More

State, Not Individual or Mobs Can Punish Blasphemy Accused: Supreme Court

“We are ready to sacrifice ourselves for the Prophet’s (PBUH) honor. But we are not judges only for Muslims” Two-thirds Pakistanis approve of Chief Justice Saqib Nisar’s performance during the past one year: Poll ISLAMABAD (Nov 1, 2018): The country’s top court on Wednesday made it clear that it’s not for individuals, or a gathering [mob], to decide whether Blasphemy has been committed or not, because it’s the mandate of the court to make such decisions. The prosecutors and plaintiffs failed to prove the accusations beyond reasonable doubt, the courtRead More

Saudi Aramco to Go for IPO After Building Up Value-Added Downstream Assets Worldwide

BE2C2 Report (Oct 31, 2018): Saudi Arabia would likely carry out an initial public offering for Saudi Aramco in 2021 after it builds up some downstream assets including petrochemical production locally and globally, Khalid Al-Falih, the country’s energy minister, said. “If you look at the downstream of Aramco it is significant, but is not at the same level as upstream. Our petrochemical portfolio also is not so large, and is not so strong in terms of technology and global reach. So the decision was made that Aramco needs to balanceRead More