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Friday, November 2nd, 2018


OPINION: Beethoven’s 5th Symphony Animated Video

IRSHAD SALIM: Truly not a reflection of the going on’s in some parts of the country by the misguided and the miscreants as they take things to a roller coaster ride level –almost to the brink, then swinging back, and again go for a spin and return from the abyss, until their expected fallout from the mainstream becomes evidently clearer second by second in the video and day by day here –the musical mayhem video has so perfectly ending with. See below Beethoven’s (renowned German composer and virtuoso pianist) 5thRead More

Premier Khan Meets Xi Jinping, President of Pakistan’s All-Weather Friend China

ISLAMABAD (Nov 2, 2018): Prime Minister Imran Khan reached China Thursday night on a four-day official visit– his first after forming his party’s government in August–in a first both at the Center and in majority of provinces. Carrying a heavy agenda which also includes seeking aid, grant and loans from the country’s “all weather friend”, the premier is meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping today and Prime Minister Li Keqiang. The prime minister told Chinese journalists that he hoped the scale of Chinese partnership would help Pakistan bridge its current accountRead More

Top US Commander in Afghanistan Reveals Pessimism: ‘‘This is not going to be won militarily’

The US seeks Pakistan’s assistance in achieving Afghan peace. PM Khan right after winning the elections in July said Pakistan would partner with the US for peace in Afghanistan, not war. NEW YORK/ISLAMABAD, Nov 1, 2018: The new U.S. general leading the mission in Afghanistan gave a surprisingly candid interview this week on the situation in the war-torn country where the anti-terror war has cost the US more than $1.07 trillion. Additionally, the cost of veterans’ medical and disability payments over the next 40 years will be more than $1 trillion. AndRead More