PM Khan Gets a $12Bln Bailout From China, Saudi Arabia –With IMF Card Still On the Table

Observers expect an uptick in the stock market index which after a straight 9-day climb up of 4290 points lost nearly 1000 points in the last two days amid some media reports that China bailout was not a done deal. ISLAMABAD (Nov 6, 2018): In less than a month, the country’s two most trusted friends […]

Lahore is Losing its Green Cover Fast, Contributing to Warming, Pollution and Smog

BE2C2 Report (Nov 6, 2018): Uncontrolled and unplanned urban expansion has taken its toll on Lahore’s historic tree line and contributing to warming of temperature, pollution and smog. A very business oriented approach to urban planning which is based not on a long-term plan but rather a project based approach was and is being taken, […]

Trump Is On the Ballot: Vote Your Fear or Vote Your Rage (Cartoons, Pics)

IRSHAD SALIM: “In a certain way, I am on the ballot” said President Trump on Tuesday and retweeted singer, actress Kaya Jones tweet recounting  his achievements to date: •4 Million New Jobs •$5 Trillion in Wealth •$3.2 Trillion in Tax Savings •$700 Billion – depleted military •81,000 illegal aliens deported •120 Federal judges •2 Supreme […]