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Tuesday, November 6th, 2018


PM Khan Gets a $12Bln Bailout From China, Saudi Arabia –With IMF Card Still On the Table

Observers expect an uptick in the stock market index which after a straight 9-day climb up of 4290 points lost nearly 1000 points in the last two days amid some media reports that China bailout was not a done deal. ISLAMABAD (Nov 6, 2018): In less than a month, the country’s two most trusted friends and allies–Saudi Arabia and China have placed $12 billion financial bailout program to Pakistan which is immediately needed to take the balance of payment crisis head on. Finance Minister Asad Umar while addressing a presserRead More

Lahore is Losing its Green Cover Fast, Contributing to Warming, Pollution and Smog

BE2C2 Report (Nov 6, 2018): Uncontrolled and unplanned urban expansion has taken its toll on Lahore’s historic tree line and contributing to warming of temperature, pollution and smog. A very business oriented approach to urban planning which is based not on a long-term plan but rather a project based approach was and is being taken, says Rabia Ezdi, an Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture of the National College of Arts (NCA). “Land is the new gold,” she says, as real estate developers race to fill the supply gap–Pakistan hasRead More

Trump Is On the Ballot: Vote Your Fear or Vote Your Rage (Cartoons, Pics)

IRSHAD SALIM: “In a certain way, I am on the ballot” said President Trump on Tuesday and retweeted singer, actress Kaya Jones tweet recounting  his achievements to date: •4 Million New Jobs •$5 Trillion in Wealth •$3.2 Trillion in Tax Savings •$700 Billion – depleted military •81,000 illegal aliens deported •120 Federal judges •2 Supreme Court Justices •83% arrests of MS-13 •Peace with Korea •US Embassy moved to Jerusalem. But Newsweek reports his approval rating is worse than Obama’s, Clinton’s before they suffered massive midterms defeats. And the world isRead More