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Thursday, November 8th, 2018


Bangladesh Opp. Leader and BNP Head Khaleda Zia Returns to Jail, Faces More Corruption Charges

Khaleda Zia is the first ever former prime minister of Bangladesh to be convicted and sentenced to jail on a corruption charge. She faces several other corruption cases. DHAKA: Bangladesh authorities on Thursday sent opposition leader Khaleda Zia back to jail after a month of treatment in hospital here. The move came just ahead of the official announcement of the date of a general election (expected in last week of December) which the 73-year-old Zia will almost certainly be excluded from because of the prison terms she is serving. HospitalRead More

Russia Seeks to Dump Dollar; India Will Pay For S-400 Missile Batteries in Rubles

** The country has already reduced its holdings of US government debt by around $80 billion this year. ** An unpredictable US policy, new US sanctions against Iran and Washington´s trade war with China could in fact help Moscow de-dollarize. ** India will pay for Russia’s S-400 surface-to-air missile batteries (worth approx $5 billion) in rubles. MOSCOW: Moscow is intensifying efforts to wean its economy off the dollar as Washington considers tough new sanctions that could deny Russia access to foreign debt markets and cut its banks from the greenback.Read More