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December, 2018


Afghanistan’s Ban on Trade in Pakistani Rupee May Fail

KHOST CITY; Dec 16, 2018 — Afghan authorities on Sunday, in a bid to increase circulation of local currency, decided to ban trade in Pakistani rupee in southeastern Khost province. The move by provincial governor Hakam Khan Habibi aims to counter the use of Pakistani currency in local markets. Following the move, many young people in Khost rallied to urge people to buy and sell goods only using their own currency, afghani. Afghans say they face lots of problems while trading in Pakistani rupee, specially when the dollar rate increases or decreases.Read More

Fawad Chaudhry’s Soft Reminder to Media On Dec 16 Related Responsibility, Responsiveness

ISLAMABAD; Dec 16, 2018 — Pakistan’s Minister for Information reminded the country’s electronic media of December 16 being a tragic day in country’s history when back in 2014, six terrorists stormed the Army Public school in Peshawar and martyred around 150 students and teachers–the massacre united the whole nation against a common enemy. After this tragic incident, the civil-military chalked out the National Action Plan (NAP) to eliminate terrorism from the country once for all. NAP comprised policy initiatives aimed at wiping out terrorist outfits across the country, integrating securityRead More

University Removes Giant Statue of ‘Racist’ Gandhi

ACCRA (Dec 16, 2018) — A statute of India’s national hero, Mahatma Gandhi, has been removed from a university campus in Ghana after it was decided by the institution that the icon of resistance to British colonialism was in fact a “racist.” Lecturers at the University of Ghana began an online campaign after a giant bust of the leader was erected on the campus in 2016. The group of academics argue that Gandhi had a “racist identity” and regularly referred to native Africans as “savages” and “Kaffirs,” a pejorative term used to refer to black Africans. The petition, which has so far received well over 2,200 signatures will beRead More

These Two High Impact Moves Are Great If Made Sustainable

IRSHAD SALIM (Islamabad, Dec 16, 2018) — Following steps taken this week leave footprints in our society which if  followed up on state-and -government level could really do “the walk the talk” thing. One relates to the homeless and the shelterless, and the other involves dual national Pakistanis working in government positions. Ironically, both I consider as marginalized sections of the society for different reasons though. The former needs socio-economic protection leading to empowerment, and the latter’s employments in government positions require legality within the ambit of the constitution. BothRead More

Top Court Orders Probe Against Land Grabbing By 2 PEPs On Overseas Pakistanis Complaints

ISLAMABAD (Dec 15, 2018) — Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Saturday ordered Punjab authorities to investigate claims made against 2 politically exposed persons (PEPs)–brothers MNA Afzal Khokhar and MPA Saiful Mulook Khokhar concerning alleged land grabbing by the duo. The orders against Khokhar brothers were issued after the court took notice of a complaint made against them by overseas Pakistanis who had accused them of illegally occupying their land. The apex court, after summoning Afzal and Saiful Mulook, assailed and ordered them to submit the details ofRead More

Pak-Afghan Border Fencing Continues Even Nighttime, Completion By Next Year (Video)

ISLAMABAD (Dec 15, 2018) — Work on building forts and fence continues on Pak-Afghan Border—even at nighttime (see video below). Total length of the double fence is 2611 KM. Work on 233 of 843 forts and 802 of 1200 KM priority 1 areas are completed. The military is aiming speedy completion in the priority 1 areas, with overall completion by Dec 2019. The fencing will benefit peaceful people of Pakistan and Afghanistan while restricting terrorists, opium and other items smugglers and money launderers. The $550 million border fencing is aRead More

No Imminent Balance of Payments Crisis, ‘IMF Loan Can Be Delayed Till March’

Irshad Salim (Islamabad; Dec 14, 2018) — On Friday, Pakistan received the second $1 billion tranche from Saudi Arabia. The country’s foreign exchange reserves now stand at 9.24 billion, with the third installment from Riyadh expected in January. Pakistan received the first tranche of $1 billion from KSA in November. The Kingdom has also established a credit line worth $3 billion for the sale of petroleum products on credit for three years, which will be reviewed thereafter. Falling international petroleum oil prices have been a blessing for Pakistan’s economy, whichRead More

Crackdown Against Money Laundering Facilitators Moves Forward

Actions being taken to ensure compliance with protocols of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) ISLAMABAD (Dec 14, 2018) — The PTI-led government has made a major move against money laundering facilitators, by launching a countrywide crackdown against officials of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Pakistan Customs, Anti-Narcotic Force (ANF) and other relevant departments. The operation is aimed at nabbing FIA, Pakistan Customs, ANF officials and others within the government involved in terror financing and capital flight as well. “FIA, ANF, Customs, Coast Guards, Naval Intelligence and all law enforcement agenciesRead More

Pakistan Building Fence to Stop Terrorists Incursions, Opium Smuggling From Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD (Dec 12,2018) –Pakistan is building a double fence on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border as high as 12 feet in height along the peaks at elevations above 10-12000 ft range. The 840km fence in Waziristan region of the tribal agencies called FATA will be completed by end of 2019 and cost $483 million–with no help from the US or Afghanistan, and sometimes even while taking fire from Afghan troops and terrorists alike. The fencing is not just to stop terrorists from crossing the border but also the opium smugglers from doingRead More

British Pakistani MP in Race to replace PM Theresa May

LONDON: With British Prime Minister Theresa May badly weakened by her decision to delay a key Brexit vote she would have lost, potential leadership contenders for the Conservative Party are waiting to pounce. If she falls, any Conservative MP elected by the party as leader would automatically become prime minister. British Pakistani Sajid Javid is among the top contenders eyeing for 10 Downing Street. The former investment banker and the son of a Pakistani bus driver, the 49-year-old Javid is the face of a modern, multi-cultural and meritocratic Britain. OnRead More

Russia Now World’s No. 2 in Arms Sales

NEW YORK (Dec 11, 2018) — Russia is now the world’s second-largest arms producer, overtaking Britain and moving behind only the United States, researchers said Monday. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said in a report sales of arms and military services totaled $398.2 billion in 2017. The figure, which excludes China because of a lack of available data, is 2.5 percent higher than it was the previous year. The United States remained the world’s top producer of arms, with $226.6 billion in sales in 2017, the report said. U.S.Read More

Pakistan Navy Unveils State-of-the-Art Survey Ship

ISLAMABAD (Dec 11, 2018) — Pakistan Navy unveiled its state-of-the-art 3,000 ton survey ship in China’s Yang Zong where it was put afloat in River Yangtze. The vessel was made with the joint cooperation of Pakistan and China. It is the most advanced survey ship which will enhance the scope of marine research in the country. The survey ship will also provide services related to operations of water search and locating positions. The ship even in uncommon conditions has the additional capability of carrying out operations, said Chief Naval Overseas Commodore AsafRead More

Overseas Pakistanis Remit 13% More in Last 5 Months

ISLAMABAD (Dec 10, 2018) — Overseas Pakistanis remitted US$ 9.03 billion in the first five months (July to November) of FY19, showing a growth of almost 13% compared with US$ 8.02 billion received during the same period in the preceding year. That’s a $1 billion jump in absolute terms. And if the trend continues until June 2019, the total remittance could exceed $21 billion as compared to $19.3 billion during last fiscal year ending June 2018. The uptick in remittance comes despite the number of workers going abroad for gainfulRead More

Trump May Face Impeachment, Jail Over Hush Money, Say Top Democrats

WASHINGTON — U.S. President Donald Trump could face impeachment and jail time if hush money payments reported by his former lawyer are proven to be campaign finance violations, Democratic lawmakers said on Sunday. Court filings on Friday in cases that stemmed from a federal probe into Russian activities during the 2016 presidential election pointed to potential problem areas for Trump, including whether he instructed six-figure payments to two women during the campaign to keep quiet about affairs. Federal prosecutors sought prison time for longtime Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen for payingRead More

Real Estate Around Bilawal House Karachi Purchased Using Laundered Monies

Nearly 84 billion rupees of laundered monies were used to buy out as many as 46 real estate units in and around Bilawal House in Karachi during the period 2008 thru 2014–at that time PPP Chairman Asif Ali Zardari was the President of the country and his party ruled at the Center and in Sindh province. The plots purchases’ revelation was made by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) constituted on directive of the Supreme Court to probe fraudulent transactions and fake accounts, the Daily Times paper reports. During its marathonRead More

OPINION: PTI Scores a B+ For First 100 Days

BILAL LAKHANI: Like the Pakistani batting order, the PTI is off to a tentative start in their first 100 days. Fortunately, the PTI hasn’t lost any early wickets in terms of coalition partners. For PTI supporters who were expecting miracles in the first 100 days, the government is a disappointment. For PTI skeptics, the government appears to be navigating the green titanic away from colliding with the iceberg, also known as the balance-of-payments crisis. On the economy, security and the tabdeeli space, the government has performed reasonably well, given it’sRead More

Pakistan, China Special Services Troops to Hold Joint Military Drill ‘Warrior-VI 2018’

A special forces contingent of People Liberation Army China arrived in Pakistan on Saturday. ISLAMABAD; Dec 8, 2018 — All-weather friends Pakistan and China are holding a joint military drill dubbed ‘Warrior-VI’. Focus of the joint exercise is to share respective experiences in the field of counter-terrorism operations and learn from each other’s experiences. This is sixth joint exercise of the series as part of bilateral military cooperation between both friendly countries. A special forces contingent of People Liberation Army China arrived in Pakistan on Saturday to participate in theRead More

Bahria Town Financial Crisis Deepens After Supreme Court’s Landmark Verdict

The Supreme Court in May found massive illegalities in lands acquired by Real Estate Tycoon Malik Riaz and his firm Bahria Town Ltd. for housing projects in Karachi and Rawalpindi, and declared them illegal; The court also considered the interests of those people (includes overseas Pakistanis) Bahria Town had already sold the land to, and setup financial controls to protect the interests of home-buyers and investors. ISLAMABAD/KARACHI; Dec 8, 2018 — Last night lights of the Bahria Town Karachi (BTK) were turned off due to financial crunch the real estateRead More

Mayor Karachi, 21 Others Indicted in May 12 Carnage Case

KARACHI; Dec 8, 2018 — Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar and 21 others were indicted by an anti-terrorism court (ATC) here on Saturday pertaining to the May 12, 2007 riots, 11 years after the incident. The indictments relate to May 12, 2007 tragedy in which over fifty people were killed and more than a hundred injured in attacks on rallies by different political parties and lawyers who had attempted to receive the then deposed chief justice, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, at Jinnah International Airport in the metropolis. Chaudhry was forced to flyRead More

Japan Seeking 345,000 Foreign Workers to Ease Labor Shortage

Construction workers are particularly in demand as Japan rushes to finish building venues and other infrastructure for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. NEW YORK (Dec 8, 2018) — Japan’s parliament passed a bill early Saturday morning that will create a new foreign worker program to help address labor shortages, opening the country’s doors to blue-collar labors in a mjor policy shift. The new visa program aims to bring in 345,000 blue-color laborers over the next five years. It’s seen as an unavoidable step as the country’s population of about 126 millionRead More