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2nd Book On Sikh Legacy in Pakistan Launched in Chicago

May 16, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — A book that tracks Sikhism’s cultural footprint in Pakistan was launched in Chicago at a ceremony at which Pakistani Consul General Faisal Niaz Tirmizi was the chief guest.

Authored by Amardeep Singh, a Singapore national, the book “The Quest Continues: Lost Heritages The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan” also underlines the fact that peaceful co-existence enriches lives.

This is Amardeep Singh’s second book about Sikh Legacy in Pakistan after he wrote Lost Heritage “ The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan, which was launched in June 2016 in Chicago.

Amardeep Singh abandoned a lucrative banking career to pursue his dream of recording Sikh heritage in Pakistan, and visited holy/historic sites across the country. An exploration across 90 cities and villages across Sindh, Balochistan, Pakistan Administered Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Punjab, the book provides a strong impetus to anyone curious about the legacy that bears mute witness to the partitioning of the subcontinent.

The book is available on Amazon.

Amardeep has approached the subject holistically to cover religious places, arts, architecture, forts, living cultural aspects, etc.

His aim through the study of the abandoned legacy of one community is to motivate all communities to become aware of their past and through it, learn to live in harmony for mutual progress.

Speaking at the event, Consul General Tirmizi paid tributes to the author for his hard work in tracing the legacy of the Sikh Empire in today’s Pakistan. He also lauded Amardeep Singh’s efforts in building bridges of friendship between Sikhs across the world and Pakistan through his books.

The consul general also proposed the establishment of a mechanism through which Chicago’s Sikh Community could adopt one Gurdwara in Pakistan as a role model to be followed by the Sikh communities in other parts of the world. He said this initiative will help building strong linkages between Pakistan and Sikh Community around the globe.

In his remarks, Tirmizi apprised the audience about Government of Pakistan’s efforts to preserve the Sikh heritage and to facilitate the Yatrees visiting Pakistan. He said that Sikhism has its origin what is now Pakistan, which is why a very large number of their holy sites are in Pakistan.

“The Sikh legacy in Pakistan is not only for the Sikhs, but was also for all citizens of Pakistan.”

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