6 Amazing Concept Art By a Pakistani Artist of a Sci-Fi Pakistan Titled ‘Pakistan+’

Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans get ready to be blown away by what you are about to see.

BE2C2 Report — Have you ever wondered what would Pakistan look like if it was set in a sci-fi movie? Your prayers have been answered, says Pakistan trends. And we concur.

Omar Gilani, an illustrator, designer, and concept artist from Lahore has drawn an amazing series of illustrations called ‘Pakistan+’ which shows how Pakistan would look like in a sci-fi setting — probably in the year 3000 or earlier, we can’t predict!

Check out some of his amazing Pakistan+ illustrations below. Our best pick is ‘Gali Cricket’ — scroll down to the end.

Guy Bargaining With A Rickshaw Wala

Smog City

Dhaba 3000

Dessert Warrior Aunty

Pindi Boyz

Doodh Wala

Gali Cricket

Gilani is an experimental artist who mixes sci-fi with the desi look of Pakistan. He has an MSC and an MPhil in Mech Design & Robotics and has worked as a Mechanical Engineer.

But art has always been more inspiring to him. Omar quit his career as a Mechanical engineer and decided to pursue his passion which lies in creating art. His clients include The British Council. Patari, United Nations Education Foundation, Save The Children and many more.

To see more of his work, head over to his official Facebook profile or visit his website omargilani.com

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