71-Year-Old Mother Rides Bike Across Northern Pakistan With Son

May 24, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — A 71-year-old mother, against all odds, is on a cross-country bike ride with son in northern parts of Pakistan — while setting a great example for mothers as well as youngsters.

Considered paradise on earth, the northern part of the country is rich in natural beauty and resources — during the last couple of years, it has witnessed uptick in tourists from within and outside.

Talking to Pakistan Today, her son Qadeer Gillani said he and his mother crossed Noori Top on the bike last year and since then he wanted to show her the entire northern region.

“I had planned this trip since last January as I wanted her to see all northern areas of Pakistan. Secondly, I also wanted to show the world that Pakistan is a peaceful country.”

When asked why he decided to attempt the tour in the month of Ramadan, Gillani said, “Firstly, these areas are less crowded in Ramadan and secondly the tour is affordable in this month.”

PTDC offers upto 40 percent discount on accommodation in its motels at these places including Murree during the holy month of Ramadan, along with Sehri and Iftar dinner.

Gillani said bike riding was his passion, which is the reason why he opted for this and not public transport. He also remarked that riding is cheaper compared to public transport.”And the bike can go anywhere”.

Answering the question about his mother’s age and fitness for this long tour, he said she is physically and mentally a very strong woman. “She does have some medical issues but she has the will and strength to do this tour,” he said.

Sharing the details of areas the mother-son duo plan to visit, Gillani said they plan to visit the entire northern region of Pakistan.

“The major stops will be Swat/Kalam, Kumrat Valley, Kailash, Chitral, Shandoor, Phandar, Gilgit, Hunza, Khunjerab, Astore Valley, Deosai, Khaplu, and Shigar Valley,” Gillani said, adding that he quite easily planned this tour because he is been traveling since 2002 and the areas were on his fingertips.

“We will travel from 1st of Ramadan till 28th of the holy month and celebrate Eid at home,” Gillani said.

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