916 Govt Officers Hold Dual Nationality, Supreme Court Informed

May 3, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — The number of government officers holding dual nationality has reached 916, of them 487 belonged to federal departments while 232 are working in four provinces, reveals a report submitted in the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Earlier in Marach, the top court was informed that as many as 758 government officials hold dual nationality. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had submitted the report.

According to the latest report, of the 758 civil servants holding dual nationality, 611 have declared their dual status while 147 have concealed their dual national status which has been detected through different means.

Additional Attorney General Nayyar Bukhari in the report — submitted on behalf of the FIA — stated that out of 916 officers, 719 have voluntarily declared their nationality while the remaining 197 have concealed their nationalities.

The report states that 65 federal and 132 provincial government officials have concealed their nationalities. “Since March 31, 46 new officials have been deducted who hid their dual nationality.”

Interestingly, the FIA states that 10 foreign national officials are also working in different departments out of whom two of them have concealed their nationalities.

The report further reveals that the number of dual national spouses has reached 989 — 734 have voluntarily declared their status while 255 concealed the information.

Of the 734 declared dual national spouses, 461 belonged to the federal departments while 273 are working in provincial governments.

Likewise, out of 255 dual national spouses who hid the status of their nationality, 169 are spouses of federal officers while the remaining 86 are provincial officials’ spouses.

It is also informed that 111 are foreign nationality-holder spouses, wherein 89 are declared and 22 have been deducted.

The FIA in its report has contended that all instances of detection of dual/foreign nationality have been supplemented with evidence of actual images of foreign passports of the government officers and spouses, which were captured during their international travel by FIA’s IBMS at airports.

A three-judge bench, headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar will resume hearing in suo motu case initiated to find out the names of civil servants of grade 17 to 22 bearing two nationalities Thursday.

On January 17, the Chief Justice took suo-motu notice of reports that thousands of senior officials serving in public sector departments and judges possess nationalities of other countries. The top judge had issued orders to departments concerned to provide the names of such people.

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