A successful entrepreneur opens a new meditation studio in NYC to cash in on a $1 billion market

BE2C2 Report — Meditation –now $1 billion dollar industry, has grown increasingly popular with Wall Street bankers, investors, and has also moved into the tech world, with a plethora of apps that guide you through practices, such as Headspace.

Khajak Keledjian, the former owner of Intermix — a women’s luxury clothing store that he sold to Gap for $130 million in 2013 — has been benefiting from meditation since 2007, after a friend of his who is a hedge fund manager, introduced him to the practice, reports Connecticut Post.

Now, Keledjian wants to help spread the word while tapping into the billion dollar market. There’s also an Inscape app.

Khajak’s recently opened, New York City based meditation studio, Inscape, is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located in the Flatiron district, Inscape is a place for those who want to explore meditation by taking guided, group classes.

It’s a fully immersive studio designed specifically for audio-guided meditation and relaxation.

“When you walk in, the city disappears for me, there’s no hustle and bustle, it’s just calm,” said Inscape client Ginny Hung.

The lobby is set up a lot like a yoga studio — products such as books and candles are available to purchase, and lockers and restrooms are in the back.

Teachers quietly greet guests at the front — everything feels serene and calm from the moment you walk in. “My class’s facilitator, Tiffany Rotach, kindly checked me in and gave me a quick tour,” said Sarah Jacobs to the Business Insider and the Connecticut Post.

“To get the most out of my 33 minute session, I wore yoga pants and a loose sweatshirt,” she wrote.

Sessions are as quick as 22 minutes, which is ideal for a lunchtime session, all the way up to 88 minutes, in which you get to lie down and really relax.

As explained on Inscape’s site, “Focus” sessions in the dome help attendees with the “practice of placing your attention on a single thing – it can be your breath, a body part, or even a candle flame.”

Other classes happen in The Alcove, where the artwork will change, but the space will always offer an antidote to what’s out there.

“I’m much calmer, I feel like, especially with situation that are usually more stressful,” Ginny said. “I feel like I’m much more positive in the way I react to them and it’s not so much negative energy.”

Classes begin at $18.

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