American Civil Rights Advocates Announce Campaign to Secure ‘Kashmir Liberation’

MAMOSA Report — The Muslims of America, Inc. civil rights attorneys, advocates and social justice activists have organized a campaign to call for an “end to the unceasing atrocities perpetrated day and night against innocent men, women and children in Indian-held Kashmir.”

The New York-based TMOA has appealed to the United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and all organizations and people who stand for human rights to join this campaign, which includes an urgent petition to the United Nations and for the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee to conduct hearings on the human rights violations,” says its PR.

“Additionally, peace-keeping and protective forces must be sent to Kashmir to stop the genocide. The world cannot sit silently as these families face sure extinction without a major global intervention.”

The American civil rights advocacy group said “over-militarization of the Indian army among Kashmiri residents, the use of civilians as human shields, the killing of children and the use of pellet guns against youth causing orbital trauma and blindness violate every treaty and protocol of human rights.” The lack of global outcry is reprehensible, said the organization in its press release.

TMOA will hold a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C,. on Tuesday May 2, to announce the launch of a multi-dimensional campaign to assure the long overdue ‘liberation of Kashmir’.

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For decades, according to the PR, Kashmiris have been victims of mass killings, rape, torture, kidnappings, political repression and suppression of free speech, said the PR. “Indian paramilitary forces have used tear gas, rubber bullets, assault rifles and pellet guns to terrorize the people, injuring and killing almost 100,000 civilians since 1989.”

“This war against the Kashmiri people has spanned generations. Denial of freedom, combined with global apathy and no accountability, amounts to the worst kind of treachery. This coalition of human rights advocates turns to the American people to join in a campaign to bring attention to this humanitarian crisis, while demanding sanctions against India.”

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  • Great leaders solve problems of their nations.Weak leaders create problems for their next generations. PM Modi appears to be strong leader.He should take the initiative and resolve Kashmir issue. He can get things done reasonably in his favor coz of present state of Pakistan. He will, by doing so safeguard all future generations and will be remembered as visionary and great leader of the likes Gandhi and Nehru.
    Mistake of pressurizing Pakistan beyond certain limit shall be a blunder for present and next generations (for both couhtries), if any.

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