An ‘Anti-Trump’ hotel is set to open in Washington, D.C.

Visitors to Washington, D.C. who want to protest President Donald Trump as they sleep will have a new “anti-Trump” hotel to stay at next year.

The Eaton Hotel, scheduled to open in the Spring of 2018, is billing itself as safe haven for liberals who long for the days when President Barack Obama resided in the White House.

The aim of the hotel is to be “inclusive,” and guests might find a Koran next to the Bible in their room, as well as a copy of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, according to Fox 11.

Room prices are expected to be similar to other D.C. hotels, which are normally more than $200 per night. It will be located less than one mile from the Trump International Hotel.

“We set the stage for residing guests, locals and house members to congregate around creativity and consciousness-building,” Eaton Hotel says on its website, adding that it “offers provocative content and programming, social and creative incubators, as well as a radical approach to food and beverage, wellness and the arts.”

The hotel will be spearheaded by Katherine Lo, the daughter of Ka Shui Lo, the executive chairman of Hong Kong-based Langham Hospitality Group Ltd, one of the largest luxury hotel operators in the world. And according to Bloomberg, every facet of the hotel will revolve around liberal activism. In addition to the nonstop videos of Obama on the walls, Lo plans for the hotel to be a meeting place for liberals to attend lectures and networking events. But she also plans for the activist nature to go even deeper.

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