UAE Matches Saudi $6.2 Billion Assistance To Imran Khan’s Govt.

PKONWEB/BE2C2 Report: The United Arab Emirates (UAE)and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia–Middle East’s two biggest economic powerhouse and close allies of Pakistan have thrown a combined $12.4 billion lifeline to PM Imran Khan’s newly formed government to shore up the country’s fiscal conditions. UAE has finalized the terms and conditions of its financial assistance package of […]

Holy Cow, OMG: ‘Bomb Indians Who Feel Unsafe in Present Day India’

PKONWEB Report — With parliamentary elections months away, India’s ruling BJP party appears gung ho at repeating its 2014 diabolical tactic–galvanize right-wing support base by whipping up nationalist sentiments, convert realpolitik by opening up religious faultlines to come back to power. Two currencies have therefore been floated: Anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim narratives in a cold-start followed […]

Multibillion Investment In Pakistan By Saudi Aramco For Refinery, Acwa Power in Renewables

PKONWEB/BE2C2 Report — Pakistan expects approx $40 billion investment by three countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, and China) in the next three to five years, officials said on Thursday. According to these officials, Pakistan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have finalized the Memorandum of Understand (MoU) for the construction of multi-billion dollar Saudi Aramco oil […]

China, US In Quantum Arms Race, Tests Its Own ‘Mother of All Bombs’

PKONWEB Report (NEW YORK) — Amid reports that the US and China are in a quantum arms race that will transform warfare, China has tested its most powerful non-nuclear weapon, dubbed the “Mother of All Bombs” by official media in a reference to a US munition used in Afghanistan. In a short video published on […]

Uptick in Pak-US Relations: President Trump Looks Forward to Meeting PM Khan

PKONWEB Report (WASHINGTON/ISLAMABAD) — Weeks after US President wrote a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, seeking Pakistan’s help for Afghan peace process, Trump said he wants a good relationship with Pakistan and is looking forward to meeting the new leadership of the country, its non-Nato ally, with which he had been overly tough and […]

Solving Pakistan’s Waste Crisis With Eco Parks, Digitizing Its Supply Chain

Imagine what Uber and Careem did for taxis being applied to local waste collectors and traders. PKONWEB/BE2C2 Report: Stephen Peters, the Senior Energy Specialist at the Asian Development Bank suggests Eco parks and digital technologies as channels for an approach to handling waste, which by its nature, is considered someone else’s problem. Sounds familiar? Yes. […]

Indian Spy Drones Dispatched Across LoC On New Year Face Deadly Ending

PKONWEB Report (Islamabad) — Pakistan Army shot down another Indian spy drone on Wednesday, said Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR). DG of the military’s media wing Major General Asif Ghafoor tweeted, “Pakistan Army troops shot down another Indian spy quadcopter today in Satwal Sector on the Line of Control” that divides the Pakistani and Indian-controlled […]

Trump Mocks Modi for Building Library in Afghanistan

From trade to defense, there have been hits and misses in India-US relations last year, despite increasingly close strategic partnership focused on China containment. PKONWEB Report (Washington/Islamabad) — US President Donald Trump on Wednesday mocked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for funding a library in Afghanistan, suggesting it was of no use. Trump brought up […]

China Building High Performance Multirole Warships For Pakistan

Pakistan’s fleet of Made in China advanced frigates would grow to four by 2021. PKONWEB Report (Islamabad) — China has started building first of the four high performance warships for Pakistan that can carry out all of the air-defense, anti-ship and anti-submarine tasks in the Arabian Sea and its landing into the Indian Ocean. China […]

Can Sinking Two US Carriers End South China Sea Spat? Chinese General Thinks So

PKONWEB Report — The US Navy is equivalent to next 13 navies put together and US defense budget is equal to next 7 largest national defense budgets in the world. Total global foreign exchange reserves is $11.4 trillion, of which US Dollars account for almost 62% or $6.63 trillion. Yet, the global power has its […]

PTI’s Exuberance In Wooing Sindh Nationalists Against PPP Emit Conflicting Signals

PKONWEB Report (Karachi) — Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) is making political moves to seek a democratic path for the replacement of Pakistan Peoples Party’s Chief Minister in Sindh for being named in the JIT Report submitted to the Supreme Court last week on the Rs.54 billion mega money laundering scam. Since PTI does not have enough […]

Rangeela’s ‘Gaa Mere Manwa Gata Ja Re’ On New Year Day, His Birthday

(PKONWEB Report) — Every New Year’s Day, comedian Rangeela’s famous song ‘Gaa Mere Manwa Gata Ja Re’ reminds many of us to keep going (not look back) at heart’s desire, as the ride is long but not uncertain. So true. Rangeela’s message through his famous song couldn’t have been more subtly and poignantly told. Rangeela, […]

Fencing At Pak-Afghan Border, a $550 Million Unilateral Undertaking, Is a Reality Now

ISLAMABAD: The year 2018 has been a complete success story of Pakistan’s security forces as through the ongoing countrywide Operation Raddul Fasaad they have not only been able to cleanse the society of the menace of terrorism to a great extent but have also broken the myth that fencing at the 2,611-kilometer long and zigzag […]

Bloody Bangladesh Election Violence: 10 Killed In Polls Day Clashes

DHAKA — At least 10 people were killed in election-day clashes in Bangladesh Sunday, after a bloody campaign overshadowed by a crackdown on the opposition by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who is expected to win a historic but controversial fourth term. Three men were shot by police while six others died in clashes between activists […]

How Overseas Pakistanis Living In West Can Fund the Dams, Take Tax Writeoff

IRSHAD SALIM (Islamabad) — The Supreme Court and the Prime Minister of Pakistan have joined hands to raise funds for building two dams in the country on war-footings. Water crisis has taken an almost emergency-like situation, and power issue is undermining socio-economic growth despite progress made so far. Since dams–though takes longer to build–creates massive […]

Afghanistan Endgame: Vexing Between ‘Impasse’, Opium Rise and Race For Peace

NEW YORK/ISLAMABAD — The latest quarterly report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction describes the military situation in the 17-year war torn country as of Nov. 30 as being at “an impasse.” The arrival of additional U.S. advisers this year helped slow “the momentum of a Taliban march that had capitalized on U.S. […]

Ecotourism Takesoff in Pakistan: Gilgit-Baltistan Hosts First Ever Ice Hockey

ISLAMABAD — The first-ever match of ice hockey in Pakistan was played on Saturday in Naltar, the hilly snow resort of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), which is emerging as center of the country’s growing ecotourism. The match was played between the teams of PAF and GB Scouts. Players from both sides showed […]

Death Of a Migrant in US: Baby Contracted Pneumonia After Five Days In a ‘Freezing’ Holding Cell

NEW YORK — When A. Portillo, a 23-year-old woman from Honduras, was taken into custody by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in California earlier this month, her five-month-old was sick. The woman, who spoke to BuzzFeed News and asked to be identified by only her first initial and last name, was giving her baby an […]

Cheap Hydel Power Poised to Take Lead in Pakistan’s Energy Mix

KARACHI (BE2C2 Report) — Two new power plants – Tarbela 4th extension project and Neelum-Jhelum hydroelectric power project – have added nearly 2,400 megawatts to the system this year. A better flow of water in dams had helped the country produce higher electricity from hydel projects. Since it’s the cheapest (hydroelectric power is not priced […]

PIA Affairs In Supreme Court: Fake Degrees, AGP’s Damning Report On Losses

ISLAMABAD — A day after the country’s top court was told that academic credentials of seven pilots of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had been found to be bogus and five of them had not even done matric, the national carrier on Saturday terminated the contracts of three pilots, including 50 cabin crew members on grounds […]