Avenfield Reference: Former PM Sharif, Daughter and Son-in-Law Handed Jail Sentences, Fines

JUL 6, 2018: Three time ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been found guilty of corruption by state prosecution, sentenced to 10 years in prison, fined 8 million pounds, and all London properties in question will be confiscated by the Govt of Pakistan.

The verdict announced Friday by the National Accountability Court comes less than 3 weeks before the general election. This could be the knockout blow for his PML-N party, many politicos say.

The court while sentencing the former PM to 10 years in jail and his daughter Maryam to 7 years imprisonment in Avenfield Apartments Reference case, also fined them 8 million pound and 7 million pound.

Maryam’s spouse and Sharif’s son-in-law was sentenced to 1 year jail term.

Both Maryam and Safdar cannot contest the upcoming general elections and have been deemed ineligible.

Nawaz was sentenced and fined for owning assets beyond means, and his daughter Maryam was handed jail sentence and fine for abatement.

Nawaz was also sentenced to 1 year for not cooperating with NAB. The sentences will run concurrently which means the former prime minister will serve 10 years in jail.

His daughter Maryam Nawaz was given 7 years for abatement, and 1 year for non-cooperation with the bureau — also to run concurrently; she will serve 7 years in total.

Besides, Nawaz’s son-in-law retired Captain Safdar has been given 1 year jail time — also for not cooperating with NAB.

According to AFP, prosecution lawyer Sardar Muzaffar Abbas also said that the court had ordered the properties, in London’s exclusive Mayfair, be confiscated by the federal government.

Four members of the Sharif family ─ Nawaz, Maryam, Hassan and Hussain ─ are in London, while Captain Safdar is in Pakistan, but was not present in court.

NAB will now wait for a certain time period for all three convicts to surrender. If they fail to do so, NAB will initiate the procedure to bring Maryam and Nawaz back, and arrest Safdar.

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