Beckinsale Celebrates 45th Birthday With Sheen at Goat Yoga Class

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JUL 27, 2018: British actress Kate Beckinsale celebrated her birthday this week with her ex-boyfriend Michael Sheen and their 19-year-old daughter Lily at a yoga class featuring goats.

The Underworld icon, who turned 45 Thursday, shared photos and her first-person account of the experience on Instagram.

“Best birthday ever. We all prayed that the goat’s blessings would happen on Michael’s mat and they did. Thank you #laughingfrogyoga and #hellocrittercare for such a fun day and also to Billy and Burlap, for knowing instinctively where to friendly fire,” the actress wrote in a message that accompanied photos of her and her family in various yoga poses, some with goats standing on their backs or buttocks.

“Birthday kisses,” she captioned a brief video of her feeding a goat a snack from her mouth.

Beckinsale will soon be seen in the Amazon series The Widow and Sheen is to star in the streaming service’s fantasy drama Good Omens.


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