Blogger found stabbed to death in the Maldives

MAMOSA Report — Police in the Maldives said Sunday that they’re investigating the death of a prominent blogger and human rights advocate Yameen Rasheed.

A police statement said that Yameen Rasheed, 29, was found Sunday morning with multiple stab wounds in the stairway of his apartment building in the capital, Male. He died at a hospital.

His father, Hussain Rasheed, told the local news media that his son had been stabbed 16 times in the chest, neck and head.

The motive for his killing was not immediately known.

According to AP and New York Times reports, Rasheed was an advocate of human rights and freedom of speech. He discussed politics and other social issues on the internet, including health, migrant labor rights and policing. He was a friend of journalist Ahmed Rilwan, who went missing in 2014 after being abducted, and has been in the forefront in the campaign to locate him.

The blogger had complained repeatedly to police about receiving death threats, he said in an interview with The New York Times earlier this year, the paper reported.

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party called for an investigation with foreign assistance into Rasheed’s death, saying that the country’s police do not have the capacity or impartiality to conduct such an investigation. It said Rasheed had recently filed a case against the police over their inaction in determining Rilwan’s fate.

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