Buoyed By ‘50,000 Crowd’ Rally in Gulshan, PTI Decides to Hold Another Rally This Month –in Lyari

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May 13, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) plans to hold another election rally this month in Karachi — this time in Lyari considered traditional stronghold of Sindh’s largest party the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

According to reliable sources, PTI is buoyed by its recent success in attracting crowd to its rally on May 12, which they say more than 50,000 people had gathered to listen to Imran Khan. Desspite the advent of Ramadan in a few days, PTI wants to hold its second rally on or about 27th of the month, confirmed Firdous Shamim Naqvi, President of PTI Karachi.

Naqvi said the May 12 rally was according to his party’s expectations, with jampacked crowd listening to Imran’s 10-point agenda for Karachi. “We want to build on the momentum we’ve gained and bring inclusiveness to our campaign.

When reminded that PTI would face strong competition from PPP and PML-N in Lyari as some politicos maintain, Naqvi said we want to spread the PTI narrative and solutions it proposes for Karachi’s problems, to everyone and every neighborhood in the city regardless of political affiliations and choice they would eventually make in casting their ballot paper.

The PTI Karachi president also said Imran wants to contest from the mega city on two of its National Assembly seats in the upcoming election, as “Imran and PTI’s thought-leaders concur with him that the next Prime Minister should be from Karachi”.

“Most probably, Imran will contest for the National Assembly seat from District East (Gulshan-e-Iqbal area) and District Central (North Nazimabad),” Naqvi said. And, if PTI wins countrywide, “Karachi would have its lawmaker as PM in Islamabad,” Naqvi said.

The PTI Chairman while addressing his party’s rally in Gulshan-e-Iqbal this weekend vowed to transform Karachi into a great city with his 10-point agenda:

Imran highlighted that the [shortage of] water was the biggest problem of Karachi, adding that the city generating 70 per cent revenue of the country did not have enough water to meet its needs. “We will change the administrative system here and bring a directly elected mayor of the city,” he said, noting that under the 18th Amendment provinces were empowered but the provinces did not delegate these powers to ground level. He also lamented the poor sewage and waste management infrastructure of the city and vowed to improve it.

Lamenting the state of public education in the province, the PTI chairman promised to change the system of government schools for the poor children and make education accessible and affordable for all. “We will establish international standard universities here,” he said.

Imran pointed out the dire state of hospitals across Sindh and presented example of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. “Since the time hospitals were nationalized, this was the first time in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that a province tried to improve the condition of hospitals,” he said.

Drawing attention to the law and order situation in Karachi, Imran vowed to de-politicize police and end all extra-judicial killings. “See the police in KP province, there is zero extra-judicial killing there,” he said.

Business and industry
“We will help the trade fraternity and introduce a climate for the businessmen in Karachi to compete with traders of other countries,” said the PTI chief. He added that “Asad Umar, our shadow finance minister, has been holding meetings with businessmen.” We will improve business zones, he promised.

Pointing to the persisting power crisis in Karachi, Imran criticized the government for failing to do its job of ensuring provision of electricity to the people. “It is the government’s job to provide electricity, not K-Electric’s. We will get you electricity and end power pilferage.”

Sports facilities for youth
The PTI chairman vowed to improve the sports infrastructure in Karachi if voted into power. He said the metropolis has a huge number of young people, yet it has not been producing the same number of athletes due to the lack of grounds and facilities. “We will establish grounds and parks for you.”

Imran gave example of KP province, where he said the PTI government has planted one billion trees. Pakistan is ranked number 7 on the global warming index, he said, and emphasized on the need to plant more trees in order to combat pollution.”We will turn entire Pakistan green, including Karachi. Especially in cities, we will grow trees with full planning,” the PTI chief asserted.

Imran said his party would ensure the functioning of Circular Railway as the city needs improvement in its transport infrastructure. “If the Orange Line was needed anywhere, it was Karachi,” he remarked.

Unemployment is the biggest issue of the youth, the PTI chief said, as he resolved to establish skill centers in Karachi to overcome the “disease of unemployment.” “We will devise policies to provide employment to the poor,” he said.

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