Built By MIT Engineers, This Mini ‘Cheetah’ Robot Can Do a Perfect 360 Degree Backflip

PKONWEB Report (New York) — MIT’S new mini cheetah robot is the first four-legged robot to do a 360 degree backflip from a standing position. The Mini Cheetah is far smaller than the latest version of the Cheetah robot, which tipped the scales at 90 lb (41 kg) making it the size of a fully […]

Pakistan: These Women’s Day March Posters, Pics Dwarfed the Trolls And Said It All…

PKONWEB Report (Karachi/Lahore/Islamabad) — The Women’s Day (Aurat March 2019) in Pakistan (held on 8th March this year) activists touted (see video below) it was for women’s economic justice, reproductive justice, right to our city, and environmental justice”–and that “we want equality, not revenge!,” said Marvi Samad’s on social media. She followed it up with […]

Rangeela Foretold Pitfalls of Political Populism Thru ‘Insaan Aur Gadha’

IRSHAD SALIM (Islamabad) — It’s been almost five decades since the Constitution of our country was unanimously approved and signed off by all political parties then. The landmark document considered by many envisaged an egalitarian society and pluralism intertwined together to move the nation forward. But many now say that the parliamentarian system the document […]

Rangeela’s ‘Gaa Mere Manwa Gata Ja Re’ On New Year Day, His Birthday

(PKONWEB Report) — Every New Year’s Day, comedian Rangeela’s famous song ‘Gaa Mere Manwa Gata Ja Re’ reminds many of us to keep going (not look back) at heart’s desire, as the ride is long but not uncertain. So true. Rangeela’s message through his famous song couldn’t have been more subtly and poignantly told. Rangeela, […]

Tale of Two Presidents and “Art for Climate Change” in Islamabad (Video)

His wall aka “Trump Wall” is considered an environmental disaster in the making. And the first casualty might be water. IRSHAD SALIM (Dec 23, 2018) — Last week President Dr. Arif Alvi inaugurated the second “Art for Climate Change 2018” exhibition in the capital saying we have two Presidents: one stands for taking proactive steps […]

Faiz Festival Kicks Off With a Bang: Indian Poet Javed Akhtar, Film Star Shabana Azmi, Tahira Syed Participate

Highlighters for the coming days include Zia Mohyeddin, Tina Sani and other performances, including art and culture shows ISLAMABAD (Nov 16, 2018): Indian poet and film lyricist Javed Akhtar along with his wife, film star Shabana Azmi are in Pakistan to attend the 4th Faiz International Festival being held in Lahore–the festival kicked off on […]

Models With Middle Eastern Roots Take Part in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

DUBAI: The planet’s top models transformed into angels for Victoria’s Secret glitzy fashion show Thursday, donning wings and plaid for a return to New York after a two-year hiatus. With the show once again on US soil, sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid strode the runway at Manhattan’s Pier 94 with the likes of Kendall Jenner […]

Art Auction in Dubai Raises Funds for School in Larkana

KARACHI, Oct 21, 2018: A number of acclaimed artists from South Asia, Middle East and Europe presented their artworks in Dubai, with more than 80 art pieces ranging from paintings to sculptures to a few exclusive collectors’ items offered at the auction. Among the items was a bat that belonged to former Pakistan cricket team […]

Trailer For Dick Cheney Biopic ‘Vice’ Released (Video)

OCT 4, 2018: Christian Bale’s drastic transformation into Dick Cheney takes center stage in the first trailer for ‘Vice’, directed by Adam McKay, released on Wednesday. The film is due in US cinemas on Christmas Day and in the UK on 1 February. In a tweet, McKay described the film as “a snapshot into Dick […]

New Cinemas in Saudi Arabia Record 95Pct Occupancy

AUG 5, 2018 (BE2C2 Report): Majid Al Futtaim’s cinemas in Saudi Arabia have achieved a 95% occupancy rate since their inauguration in April, CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Cinemas Cameron Mitchell told Russia’s Sputnik news agency. Saudi cinemas have received 75,000 visitors of different ages, Mitchell added. The U.A.E.-based Majid Al Futtaim’s Vox Cinemas is […]

Beckinsale Celebrates 45th Birthday With Sheen at Goat Yoga Class

JUL 27, 2018: British actress Kate Beckinsale celebrated her birthday this week with her ex-boyfriend Michael Sheen and their 19-year-old daughter Lily at a yoga class featuring goats. The Underworld icon, who turned 45 Thursday, shared photos and her first-person account of the experience on Instagram. “Best birthday ever. We all prayed that the goat’s […]

2 Awesome Videos Which Will Make You Forget About Qeemay Walay Naan

IRSHAD SALIM (JUL 4, 2018): Two videos shared with us on WhatsApp inspire confidence that Pakistan is indeed a couldron of people and places hitherto not so propagated on social media and the world wide web at large. Amid cacophony of arguments, debates, discourses, punches and counter-punches following them the real narrative gets buried and […]

‘Indiana Jones 5’ With Harrison Ford And Steven Spielberg Delayed (Again)

JUN 29, 2018: A fifth entry in the Indiana Jones series that is reuniting star Harrison Ford with director Steven Spielberg has been delayed. The film will be missing its previously announced July 10, 2020 release date. Filming was supposed to commence in April 2019 in the U.K. with production being pushed back months, if […]

Paris Fashion Week Men’s 2019 PICS: Suits With Sneakers..Street Style As Outfit of Choice

JUN 28, 2018 (BE2C2): Suits with sneakers was the outfit of choice at Paris Fashion Week Men’s 2019. It’s an interesting juxtaposition — tailored-meets-sport — that displays exactly where menswear is at the moment. And what better place to showcase that than a major fashion capital like Paris. One of the most prominent micro trends […]

Turkish Pop Singer Hacer Tulu Shot Dead At Aegean Resort Nightclub

JUN 21, 2018: Turkish pop singer Hacer Tulu and a businessman were shot dead at a nightclub in the popular Aegean resort of Bodrum early on Thursday, reports said. An assailant or assailants opened fire on businessman Mehmet Ali Surensoy, who runs nightclubs in Bodrum and Istanbul, outside the Medusa club in the Gumbet district […]

Famed Humorist, Satirist Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi Passes Away

JUN 20, 2018: Acclaimed Pakistani humorist, writer and satirist Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi passed away at the age of 97 on Wednesday in Karachi after prolonged ailment. A banker by profession but publicly famed for his humorous writings in Urdu, Yusufi,97, suffered from pneumonia a few days back after which he was shifted to a hospital […]

Shiv Sena Activists Tell ‘Traitor’ Priyanka Chopra to ‘Go to Pakistan’

JUN 14, 2018 — Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has recently been a victim of the outrage of Indian extremists. She has been doing a TV show series in America for quite a long time now, and has earned a lot of appreciation for it as well. Recently, an episode of Quantico was aired, in which […]

Putin Tells Russian Women They Can Date World Cup Tourists

JUN 14, 2018: Russian president Vladimir Putin has dismissed calls for Russian women to refrain from sleeping with World Cup tourists. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters: ‘As for Russian women, they can, perhaps, decide it on their own. They are the best women in whole world.’ He was responding to a sex ban call […]

Iconic Taj Mahal Gate Vandalized by Radical Hindu Group; Rise in Religion-Based Hate Crime

Indian govt admits rise in religion-based hate crime JUN 13, 2018 — Members of a radical Hindu group vandalized gates of the iconic Taj Mahal on Sunday arguing that the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) was blocking entry to a 400-year-old Shiva temple. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) activists were seen carrying hammers and iron […]