Essence and Brasstacks Of PM Khan’s Interview To Newsmakers

IRSHAD SALIM (ISLAMABAD) –The newly elected Pakistani Prime Minister Khan’s interview with Turkey’s state broadcaster TRT World is a must-watch for those not addicted with binary results and telegraphic positioning in the practice of nation-building albeit statecraft. From US and China relations with Pakistan and Asia Bibi to corruption, rule of law, and India and […]

Holy Cow, OMG: ‘Bomb Indians Who Feel Unsafe in Present Day India’

PKONWEB Report — With parliamentary elections months away, India’s ruling BJP party appears gung ho at repeating its 2014 diabolical tactic–galvanize right-wing support base by whipping up nationalist sentiments, convert realpolitik by opening up religious faultlines to come back to power. Two currencies have therefore been floated: Anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim narratives in a cold-start followed […]

Sans CPEC Pakistan Would Be Losing 80 to 120 Billion Dollars

SHAKEEL AHMAD RAMAY: Way back in 2010-11 it was calculated that the energy crises was costing Pakistan 2 percent of GDP. Pakistan was energy hungry, thus, the Industry started to relocate out of country. Employment opportunities started to shrink. Export sector suffered due to lack of competitiveness and a higher cost of production. The energy […]

Karachi Killer Assassinated In Afghanistan: RAW False Flag Or Modi’s Blunder?

ANDREW KORYBKO: The Baloch separatist mastermind behind the recent terrorist attack against the Chinese consulate in Pakistan’s largest city of Karachi has been assassinated by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan after he was reportedly sent there by India in an effort to distance New Delhi from its proxy after that audacious incident, raising serious questions […]

OPINION: Squandering Five Billion Dollars Of Our “Little House On The Prairie”

IRSHAD SALIM (Dec 22, 2018) — The PPP-led Sindh government is ‘missing records of Rs300 billion’, said Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Political Affairs Naeemul Haq on a TV Talk Show Friday. “The Auditor General’s report for 2016-17 says that out of Rs600 billion allocated to the Sindh government, the government does not have expenditure […]

A Rare Diplomatic Victory For Pakistan On Kashmir

ISLAMABAD (Dec 19, 2018) — On Monday, the General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) issued a condemnation for the “wicked terrorist act by Indian forces in Indian-occupied Kashmir” after seven civilians were killed in Pulwama district on Saturday. The OIC condemnation came after Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi wrote to the […]

These Two High Impact Moves Are Great If Made Sustainable

IRSHAD SALIM (Islamabad, Dec 16, 2018) — Following steps taken this week leave footprints in our society which if  followed up on state-and -government level could really do “the walk the talk” thing. One relates to the homeless and the shelterless, and the other involves dual national Pakistanis working in government positions. Ironically, both I […]

OPINION: PTI Scores a B+ For First 100 Days

BILAL LAKHANI: Like the Pakistani batting order, the PTI is off to a tentative start in their first 100 days. Fortunately, the PTI hasn’t lost any early wickets in terms of coalition partners. For PTI supporters who were expecting miracles in the first 100 days, the government is a disappointment. For PTI skeptics, the government […]

10 Narratives By Imran Khan That’s Resonating Inside the Beltway

IRSHAD SALIM — Pakistan’s newly elected Premier Imran Khan may have succeeded in throwing a curve ball inside the Beltway with his narratives and buzzwords the anti status quo thought leaders there have been waiting for to antithesis Afghanistan’s ongoing nightmarish dollars-vs-tradeoffs calculus–and ironically making Trump finds his favorite burger–that is getting out of the […]

Trump U-Turn on Pakistan Reflects Failure of US Afghanistan Policy

For Pakistan, such a positive attitude by the US is apparently better than the stalemate between the two countries. By ZHOU RONG — A letter from US President Donald Trump to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan sent shock waves around the world. First Trump expressed irritation with Pakistan on Twitter. Then a few days later, […]

OPINION: Nations Should Criminalize Unexplained Wealth of Politically Exposed Persons

Mr. Hamid Sharif, the Managing Director for Compliance, Effectiveness and Integrity, for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in his personal capacity urges OECD countries to enact laws like that giving the British government the power to demand public officials from another nation explain how they acquired assets held in Britain. If the official cannot […]

Why Most Mass Shootings In America Are Happening Since 2015

During the period 2015 thru 2018, there has been 215 deaths as a result of mass shootings–an average 54 per year–highest, as compared to average 19 during the period 1966-2014. IRSHAD SALIM — President Donald Trump, the 72-year-old real estate mogul and businessman best known for his “You’re fired” catchphrase on The Apprentice, announced on […]

PTI’s First 100 Days: A- (Some Governance Better Than Misgovernance)

On Qualitative analysis, PTI’s 100 days performance gets a “A-” on overall basis; It could on Quantitative scale be lower; In that case the overall score could be a “B” or “B-“ IRSHAD SALIM — Imran Khan’s 100-day in office as the “Prime Minister” (after having graduated as a one-man demolition squad of the status […]

Panic in India: Our Boys Selfie Was Meant For Girl Next Door (Video)

IRSHAD SALIM (Islamabad): Two of our boys–wholesomely representing the youth bulge that we are faced with–a mammoth opportunity spitfire needing a greenfield runway to land on for greener pasture has suddenly become the “bad guys” some 360 miles east of Wagah border. Their selfie is making waves in the digital ecosystem of our ‘naraz’ (angry) […]

‘Razia’ Needs a Startup: Her Net Worth’s Rs60 Billion, But She Doesn’t Know (Video)

IRSHAD SALIM (Islamabad) –‘Razia’ (I’ve named her) is one of the 1.5 million street children we have in our country and the number’s growing if our youth bulge is a benchmark to consider. According to a survey, ‘Razia’ (female) belongs to the 6% of the 1.5m figure– and the rest (94 %) are boys. Gender […]

Jawab-e-Shikwa: Trump’s Pakistan Shikwa (Video)

IRSHAD SALIM (Nov 19, 2018): Emboldened by retaining Senate majority in the Congress as a result of the midterm elections–which means President Trump now has multiple U-turn cards to use for his foreign policy, security, and trade war strategies, he has now taken a shot-gun approach to address these matters–his deliveries continue to be predictable […]

America’s Stay in Afghanistan Not Factor of Stability: Former Envoy to Iran

“There is a currency swap between Iran and Russia, Iran and China, so why not with Pakistan” ISLAMABAD (Nov 17, 2018): American’s stay in Afghanistan is not factor of stability in Afghanistan as it’s contributing to the misery of the Afghan people. In an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), former ambassador […]

The Constitution Means What the Supreme Court Says It Means

IRSHAD SALIM: A friend of mine in the US who has been reading a lot about major legal and constitutional cases in Pakistan–particularly suo moto and the Supreme Court’s verdicts dubbed “judicial activism”–even “judicial coup”, shared an abridged version of an article that appeared in the Harvard Law Review journal in 2016. Reading it and […]

Iqbal’s ‘Khudi’ and ‘Human Index’ Can Lead Us, Not Human Development Index

May I suggest creating on national level “HI & PI” measuring and monitoring right from the school level so that by the time our human resource becomes part of the HDI measure, we would have a wholesome asset which would push other indexes higher IRSHAD SALIM: Long before world’s lending institutions created “Human Development Index […]