Trump Is On the Ballot: Vote Your Fear or Vote Your Rage (Cartoons, Pics)

IRSHAD SALIM: “In a certain way, I am on the ballot” said President Trump on Tuesday and retweeted singer, actress Kaya Jones tweet recounting  his achievements to date: •4 Million New Jobs •$5 Trillion in Wealth •$3.2 Trillion in Tax Savings •$700 Billion – depleted military •81,000 illegal aliens deported •120 Federal judges •2 Supreme […]

These Paintings, Video and a Viral Pic Tell-Tale Kashmir Unvarnished

IRSHAD SALIM, (Islamabad,; Oct 31, 2018): Poignant artworks by Pakistani children on Kashmir went on display at the embassy in Riyadh –a first such expose  on the occasion of Black Day October 27th –depicting a kaleidoscopic expression of form, color and substance of a human event undergoing generational metamorphism for the last 70 years and […]

Pakistan, Russia Teaming Up for Asian Bloc or Asian Union

It is now established fact that Pakistan and Russia are on same page on multiple global issues. They need to open up more avenues of cooperation to make a difference YASIR HABIB KHAN: Amid fast-changing geoeconomic and geostrategic alignments, Pakistan and Russia, once Cold War arch enemies are laying down foundation of friendship showcasing a […]

Surge and a New Normal in Kashmir Movement Making It ‘Freedom-Pregnant’

IRSHAD SALIM; Oct 27, 2018: Black Day is being observed in Kashmir today under a new normal: While Indian-administered Kashmir has experienced waves of protests in the past—in the late 1980s to early 1990s, 2008 and 2010—this current round of protests involve more people than the past, and the profile of protesters has also shifted […]

EDITORIAL: Zardari’s Threat to Unsettle the Government

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari said he was up for uniting the opposition parties against the government, having concluded that in his opinion the country does not seem to be running the right way –having observed the 60-days old Imran Khan team’s performance, and now “all political parties should unite and present […]

Why American Cartoonist Rob Rogers Was Fired After 25 Years

OCT 19, 2018: It’s not just in Pakistan that a columnist, a commentator, or a TV talk show anchor gets canned by the employer for being ‘angry and obsessed’. Rob Rogers, editorial cartoonist of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette –the largest newspaper in western Pennsylvania is one such individual, and there could be many more unreported ones worldwide […]

The ‘Untouchable’ Malik Riaz, Believed To Have Left The Country In His Private Aircraft

Having been given early warning, Malik Riaz is believed to have left the country in his private aircraft. One may ask how did he manage to transfer huge sums abroad, particularly to the UK? Without money-laundering how could he manage to acquire vast property in the UK, and what is the British Government going to […]

Haqqani’s Latest Inferences On Pakistan’s State and the Nation

By Muhammad Ali Ehsan: Hussain Haqqani, our erstwhile ambassador to the US, has once again written a hard hitting article (reminiscent of most of his previous works that continue to aim at pitching the narrative at home against the narrative abroad). Published in The Print (11 Oct 2018) and titled “Pakistan’s fortunes can’t be rescued […]

Should Saudi Arabia Be a Part of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)?

Engr. Abdullah Ansari: Recently, news has been circulating that Saudi Arabia will be joining CPEC. It is still unclear what role they would play, whether they will be a strategic partner, an investor or something else. Following the recent developments, I have been going through newspapers from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for over a week […]

The New Arab Order: ‘Fundamentally One of Disorder’

A vantage view of the Middle East post Arab Spring which was initiated during former US President Barack Obama’s era and sponsored/funded by George Soros, co-founder of Friends Of Democracy (PKonweb) MARC LYNCH: In 2011, millions of citizens across the Arab world took to the streets. Popular uprisings from Tunis to Cairo promised to topple […]

Modi Seeking Limited War With Pakistan Ahead of Elections?

IRSHAD SALIM (OCT 7, 2018): India may have shifted gears which opens the space for it to wage a limited conventional war, says a report. “It is too early to say what impact a shift in India’s strategy will have on bilateral relations with (its western neighbor) Pakistan and how the latter intends to respond, […]

Tabdeeli (Change) Has Begun

DR. FARRUKH SALEEM: Corruption is “the abuse of public office for private gain (the World Bank’s definition)”. A couple of years ago, the World Bank estimated that public procurement in Pakistan amounted to 19.8 percent of GDP or $60 billion a year. Lo and behold, estimates of ‘leakages’ in this $60 billion-a-year business vary from […]

$10 Billion a Year Money Laundering Pipeline

DR. FARRUKH SALEEM: In March 2017, the US Department of State released its ‘International Narcotics Control Strategy Report’. According to the Report, “The international community loses hundreds of billions of dollars every year due to trade-based money laundering…The practice also costs Pakistan more than $10 billion a year”. Imagine: $10 billion a year times 10 […]

Why Sharifs Release On Bail Won’t Disturb the Sanity Restored to Pakistan Politics After Years

ASHA’AR REHMAN: The reactions to the release of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, along with that of Capt Safdar, are bewildering to say the least. It was a foregone conclusion that the former prime minister and his daughter, who had been imprisoned while leading the resistance plank of the PML-N, would be bailed out. […]

America’s Pakistan Policy Shows White House Ignorant of Major Geostrategic Shift

F. MICHAEL MALOOF (former Pentagon security analyst). While observers point to similarities in the rise of Donald Trump and Pakistan’s new prime minister, Imran Khan, that’s where they end as relations between the US and Pakistan enter into a serious period of political uncertainty. America’s Pakistan policy shows Trump administration lacks geostrategic thinking at highest […]

The War in Afghanistan Is Headed For a Record; And It’s Not a Good One

“Perhaps it would be more prudent to stop hanging out in graveyards. They are, after all, meant for burials, not resurrections.” TOM ENGELHARDT: Fair warning. Stop reading right now if you want, because I’m going to repeat myself. What choice do I have, since my subject is the Afghan War (America’s second Afghan War, no […]

Inside the New Assembly: Shifting Power Dynamics

ZAHID HUSSAIN: IT is a mixed house of old lineage and fresh entrants in the game. On Monday, the front row of the treasury benches of the newly installed National Assembly illustrated the shifting power dynamics. It is more representative of the federation than the Punjab-dominated huddle witnessed under the erstwhile PML-N rule. With Imran […]