U.S., Pakistan Relationship is Transactional, Islamabad Mistook it as Strategic: Experts

Pakistan cannot be a strategic ally of the US as the latter’s interests in South Asia contradict Pakistan’s national interests, defense and security experts said on Monday at a seminar in capital Islamabad organized by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI). Pakistan’s relationship with the US is transactional, and Islamabad mistook it as strategic, said […]

The U.S., Turkey Alliance: Elephants in the Room

If the United States and Turkey part ways, Tehran, Moscow, and Beijing will not be the culprits but will certainly be the beneficiaries. The temptation is strong in Washington to simply jettison the foundering alliance with Turkey — as was recently done with Pakistan — and even to impose sanctions on Ankara for its actions. […]

Bajwa Doctrine and Democracy’s Responsibility Matrix

DR. FARRUKH SALEEM: ‘Horror vacui’ – ‘nature abhors a vacuum’. Aristotle, the father of Western philosophy, postulated that wherever vacuums would occur, ‘denser surrounding material would immediately fill the vacuum’. Nawaz Sharif, not the man but the phenomenon, represents a vacuum (a space entirely devoid of matter). Asif Ali Zardari, not the man but the […]

Why Zardari Did Not Back Raza Rabbani as Senate Chairman

MAZHAR ABBAS: What actually went wrong which led to Pakistan People’s Party’s surprise decision, not only to drop the name Mian Raza Rabbani as its candidate for Senate chairman but also to settle for deputy chairman, despite clear indications that all parties had agreed on his name if PPP had nominated him. Raza Rabbani was […]

John Bolton’s Mustache is More Qualified to Be National Security Adviser Than He is

DAVID ROTHKOPF (CNN): News outlets have reported that President Donald Trump has decided to replace his national security adviser, H.R. McMaster. A leading candidate is John Bolton, former US ambassador to the United Nations. Bolton has distinguished himself as one of America’s most hawkish and ineffective diplomats for decades. He is known as an architect […]

What Stephen Hawking taught a young Kashmiri boy about health policy

JUNAID NABI: s a middle-school student in Kashmir, a small Himalayan state riddled with international territorial conflict, I had trouble finding heroes. But I discovered one when I first read “A Brief History of Time,” Stephen Hawking’s groundbreaking book on the study of the universe. That book, and others of his, told me about possibilities […]

The Chinese Model: Good Governance Vs. Democracy

DURDANA NAJAM:Though the history of democracy begins in Athens, it finds recognition in the era of European Enlightenment. It is here that human beings are defined as rational individuals endowed with inalienable rights. At the heart of any definition of democracy lies the provision of human rights. West’s experiment with democracy has been successful because […]

Senate Election and Horse-trading

By ZAHID HUSSAIN: GOOD or bad, the Senate election is over, defying all conspiracy theories. Notwithstanding a few upsets, the results were largely predictable though there are some shouts of foul play. The PML-N may have emerged as the single largest party in the house by sweeping almost all the seats up for grabs in […]

Property Black Hole of Pakistan Economy

IN an exercise to ascertain the amount of money pouring into Islamabad’s real estate sector, the Federal Board of Revenue has discovered the astonishingly high figure of approximately Rs100bn over three years, at DC rates. This is the official declared rate at which property transactions are disclosed, and as most people already know, the real […]

What Lodhran By-Poll Result Said About Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif

IRSHAD SALIM (February 14, 2018) — Both leaders are in shock and awe with Lodhran by-poll results–for same reasons– each did not expect what the voters handed out to their party candidate: Khan’s, a defeat and Sharif’s, the win. The Monday contest in southern Punjab is the last one before national and provincial elections this […]

The Parliament: Billionaires’ Club

BEING the people’s representative is a rich man or woman’s job in Pakistan. The publication by the ECP of the statements of assets and liabilities of parliamentarians and their spouses and dependents has once again confirmed the obvious. Thanks to a handful of parliamentarians who have the decency to file financial statements that are relatively […]