China, Russia Attend Meeting on Afghanistan in Washington

PKONWEB Report (New York) — China and Russia’s special envoys attended Thursday’s meeting on Afghanistan in Washington. The United States views both countries concern about the growth of militancy as a positive element, which could encourage Beijing and Moscow to work with the international community to suppress terrorism in the South Asian region. Spokesperson of […]

Driver Hijacks, Sets Ablaze School Bus in Italy, Children Flee Unharmed

PKONWEB Report (London) — A bus full of schoolchildren was hijacked and set on fire by its own driver on Wednesday in an apparent protest against migrant drownings in the Mediterranean, Italian authorities said. All 51 children managed to escape unhurt before the bus was engulfed in flames on the outskirts of Milan, Italy’s business […]

Custodial Death of Young School Teacher: Clashes Erupt in Occupied Kashmir

PKONWEB Report (Islamabad): Hundreds of protesters clashed with Indian security forces in parts of Indian-occupied Kashmir on Tuesday after a school teacher being questioned in detention in connection with a security investigation had died in custody. This is the latest disturbance in one of the world’s most militarized regions. The 28-year-old man, Rizwan Asad, died […]

Meet Abdul Aziz Who Confronted White Supremacist Terrorist Tarrant at 2nd Christchurch Mosque

“Otherwise, if he (terrorist) managed to come into the mosque, then we would all probably be gone”: Aziz Two heroes, Naeem Rashid and Abdul Aziz saved the lives of many people inside the mosque, belong to the two countries (Pakistan and Afghanistan) who the West blames the most for sponsoring and spreading terrorism around the […]

Washington to Deny Visas to ICC Prosecutors Probing US Troops in Afghanistan

PKONWEB Report (New York) — The United States will not issue Visas to members of the International Criminal Court (ICC) probing alleged war crimes by US troops in Afghanistan and elsewhere “because of its broad unaccountable prosecutorial powers” and the threat it proposes to American national sovereignty. The announcement was made on Friday by Secretary […]

Naeem Rashid the Hero From Abbottabad: New Zealand Terrorist Attack Update

Officials said the main attacker used five guns, including two semi-automatic weapons and two shotguns, during the terrorist attack. PKONWEB Report (New York/Islamabad) — Naeem Rashid from Abbottabad was hailed a hero worldwide after he tried to wrestle the gun from the Christchuch White Supremacist terrorist in New Zealand on Friday. Rashid tried overpowering the […]

World Reacts with Disgust, Condemns Terror Attack on Muslims at Two New Zealand Mosques

“It is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack”; “well planned” – New Zealand PM PKONWEB Report (Islamabad) — Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday condemned the terrorist attack on Muslims by a right wing terrorist in New Zealand’s two mosques and posted his remarks on social media: “I blame […]

U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue Yields More Than Just Six US Nuclear Plants for India

PKONWEB Report (Washington/Islamabad) — The United States has committed to establishing six nuclear power plants in India as part of its strategic security, defense and civil nuclear cooperation. A joint statement released by the two Governments on the occasion of the 9th round of U.S.-India Strategic Security Dialogue in US capital said they “committed to […]

Cow Vigilante Violence Increases in India Despite Supreme Court Order for Crack Down

PKONWEB Report (New York) — Despite a Supreme Court order for police to crack down on the violators, Cow vigilantism continues in India. Activists say the government has downplayed the attacks as most victims are either Muslims or Dalits—both communities are generally considered as not having voted for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). CNN […]

‘Kashmir No Longer Safe For Kashmiris…Soldiers Think We Are Their Enemies Now’

PKONWEB Report (Islamabad) — ‘Kashmir is no longer safe for Kashmiris’, read the latest headline in The Independent UK. ‘The (Indian) soldiers think we are their enemies now,’ one Kashmiri tells the paper days after jets flying low overhead heralding a dramatic escalation of tensions in which two nuclear-armed nations launched airstrikes against each other […]

The NY Times Editorial on Kashmir and These Two Videos…

‘Won’t allow BJP to turn Jammu and Kashmir into theater of war for electoral gains’: Mehbooba Mufti PKONWEB Report (New York/Islamabad) — The New York Times editorial published on Thursday–in a first–cautioned the world community of looming threat of nuclear war in South Asia unless warring India and “peace not war” Pakistan address the core […]

Kashmiri Vendors, Traders Assaulted By Hindutva Goons in UP, India

PKONWEB Report (NEW YORK/ISLAMABAD): India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday cautioned his voters, citing the case of the attack on Kashmiri vendors and traders in Lucknow, saying, “It is crucial to maintain an atmosphere of unity”. Home minister Rajnath Singh also tried to drive home the point, saying he has asked all Chief Ministers […]

Afghan Peace Process Brings Rivals Russia, US in “Good Contact” With Each Other

PKONWEB Report (New York/Dubai) — Global rivals Moscow and the United States have now congruence of interests for peace in Afghanistan where they fought 11 year war in the 1980s with the latter (then the Soviets) routing the former out with the help from Pakistan. Kremlin’s ouster from the landlocked country led to fall of […]

US-Taliban Talks: Working to Find Formulas That Work For Both Sides

Ceasefire, complete withdrawal timeline, direct Taliban talk with Afghan government are key issues on the table, as US-Taliban negotiations in Qatar enter fifth day. PKONWEB Report (New York/Islamabad) — US and Taliban negotiators went on a two-day recess on Thursday “for internal deliberations… after three days of solid talks.” The two sides resumed their fifth […]

Afghan Peace Talks In Doha: US Envoy, Taliban Co-Founder Meet For the First Time –Over Working Lunch

Taliban co-founder meets top White House envoy; “could be a significant moment”. Khalilzad thanks Pakistan for facilitating the travel of Taliban leaders to Qatar; The Afghan government has been excluded from Doha talks but President Ashraf Ghani said last month that US negotiator has kept him informed of the progress. PKONWEB Report (New York/Islamabad) — […]

Turkey Aligned With Islamabad Stance on Kashmir Issue, Stresses On ‘Dialogue Not War’

PKONWEB Report (Islamabad) — Turkish ambassador to Pakistan Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul on Monday underscored the need for negotiations to find a permanent solution to the Kashmir issue. The Turkish envoy said that Istanbul is aligned with Islamabad’s stance on the Kashmir issue, as he stressed that “dialogue and not war” is the only solution to […]

After Putin Warns U.S. Against Putting Missiles in Europe, Russian TV Lists Nuclear Targets in US

Putin says Russia would be ‘OK’ with another Cuban Missile Crisis-level confrontation with the US. MOSCOW: Russian state television has listed US military facilities that Moscow would target in the event of a nuclear strike, and said that a hypersonic missile Russia is developing would be able to hit them in less than five minutes. […]

Former Campaign Staffer Accuses Trump of Forced Kiss in 2016

PKONWEB Report (New York) — President Trump who has been accused of forcibly kissing or in other ways sexually harassing or assaulting more than a dozen women is now facing lawsuit from a former campaign staffer claims he kissed her without consent before a campaign event in Florida, the Washington Post reported Monday. Alva Johnson, […]

Attempt to ‘Hijack’ Dubai-Bound Bangladesh Biman Flight Averted, Suspect Shot Dead

DHAKA — Bangladesh’s state-run Biman Airlines Dubai-bound flight from Dhaka made an emergency landing in Chittagong after a man attempted to hijack the plane. The suspected ‘terrorist’ attempting to hijack the plane has been shot dead. After the aircraft landed, the suspect, a Bangladeshi, asked to speak to the country’s prime minister before dying from […]

6000 Kashmiri Muslims Take Refuge in Mosques After Attacks By Frenzy Mobs

SRINAGAR — In a bid to save their lives, at least 6000 Kashmiri Muslims have taken refuge in several mosques of Jammu district in the wake of fear of attacks by Hindu mobs. According to Kashmir Media Service, Abdul Majid, a member of Makkah Masjid Committee, Bathindi, said ‘around 2500 to 3000 people are putting […]