Colonial era laws irrelevant for Pakistan, Karachi politics will change after Census Report : Altaf Shakoor

MAMOSA Report — No real change in Pakistan society is possible until meaningful reforms are introduced in the court system so that justice is served not only to the elite but also to the downtrodden, said Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor in Karachi on Tuesday while commenting on Panama Papers case verdict.

Speaking to PKonweb, Shakoor said that all the players who used to sit on the fence are now trying to claim ownership of Karachi. “But none of them are sincere with the mega city and with Karachiites. All the issues they are addressing are not new. If elections are postponed for few years, they all will disappear.”

On the verdict last week, Shakoor did not directly comment but said, “the colonial era laws should be repealed at the earliest.” If the courts pronounce decisions on merit, there is no need for them to look to someone else for image-building, Shakoor added.

The Karachi-based engineer-turned-political leader said “sadly there were two laws in the country: one for the rich and other for the poor.” Hence, until proper reforms are made in our judicial system and court procedures, we cannot hope to see a real change in our society,” Altaf argued.

He said ordinary Pakistanis were not optimistic that they could get justice.

“There is a feeling that if you are not the son or daughter of a Wadera, a feudal lord, Chaudhry, an industrialist, ruler, minister, General, opposition leader, you should forget about getting justice,” Shakoor added. “There are practically separate laws for the rich and the poor.”

According to the Pasban leader, “Our bureaucracy is still mentally living in the British colonial era,” and, “Bureaucrats should now be trained to serve the people and not to rule over them as now Pakistan is not a British colony, but an independent nation,” Shakoor pointed out.

Shakoor lamented that mega corruption scandals in Pakistan devoured the taxpayers’ money and virtually nothing was left for the real welfare of the common man. He said “this loot and plunder of the taxpayers’ money should stop so that the budgetary funds were spent on the welfare of citizens.”

He said present corruption-tainted examination system should be revamped so that merit could be upheld at every level.

Continuing on Karachi affairs and its governance, Shakoor said that all those who used to sit on the fence are now trying to claim ownership of the mega city. “But none of them are sincere in their words and deeds. All the issues they are addressing now are not new. If elections are postponed for few years, they all will disappear.”

Shakoor added that Karachi is not a “Muhajir” city, it’s multi-ethnic, metropolitan, but the issues are there – more acute than before. “The capital of Sindh province, “can’t be ruled from Rotedero and Larkana,” he added.

According to him, the feudal mentality in the Sindh Assembly can’t address Karachi’s problems. “They’re not even sincere with the people who elected them in rural Sindh.”

Commenting on Karachi politics, Pasban’s leader said, “let’s wait for the Census Report. I expect new demarcations which will throw up new dimensions, outlook and probably additional national and provincial seats for the metropolis. It could be a game-changer.”

Shakoor thinks Karachi is on the verge of collapse. Local government should be empowered, he says. “City Mayor without power is of no use as all the powers and funds are with the provincial government ruled by the Pakistan Peoples Party.” So there’s no room for Karachi’s improvements,” he added.

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