CPEC's First Container Service Commences at Gwadar Port

The first ever Container vessel MS TIGER under CPEC project arrived at Gwadar Port. Two Pakistan Navy Ships escorted MS TIGER to the deep sea port in Balochistan province located along the Arabian Sea shoreline.

Containers would be offloaded and cleared in less than 48 hours at Gwadar.

The new Ship Container Service named Karachi Gwadar Gulf Express will connect Gwadar Port with the Middle East hub of Jebel Ali as well as the neighboring UAE ports of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

After embarkation of more container of frozen sea food from Gwadar Port, the ship proceeded to Jebel Ali Port. An impressive ceremony was held at port on arrival of MS TIGER. The Reception Ceremony was attended by Commander Coast of Pakistan Navy Rear Admiral Moazzam IIyas.

CPEC is a game changer project for Pakistan. Success of this project is a prelude to the economic prosperity of the country and hence has taken a central stage in the economic, political and security calculus of not only Pakistan but the entire region.

Considering the importance of the Gwadar Port as focal point of CPEC, its security is paramount. For this purpose, Pakistan Navy has raised Task Force 88 to undertake defence of Gwadar Port and its surrounding areas.

This Task Force is providing defense to Gwadar Port from seaward approaches and Merchant Vessels visiting the Port through deployment of Pakistan Navy assets.

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