‘Delay’ in verdict on Panamagate riles PTI; Bilawal says he’s also waiting– before contesting by-election

MAMOSA Report — Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party has voiced concern over delay in the Supreme Court’s verdict in the Panamagate case, saying it was creating uncertainty among the general public.

“Delay in the announcement of the judgment is giving rise to uncertainty among Pakistanis,” PTI spokesperson Fawad Hussain said in a statement on Friday. “If this situation persists, it could lead people to an unpalatable disappointment.”

Hussain said the nation is on tenterhooks waiting for the court’s decision.

Almost one month ago, on February 23, Pakistan’s apex court reserved its verdict after a five-judge bench heard the case for three-and-a-half month on day-to-day basis and 26 hearings were conducted.

While reserving the verdict, the head judge, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, stated that a short order would not be issued and that the bench would look at the case from all angles.

Hussain said, “Understanding the significance of this case, the honorable bench of the SC heard it on daily basis and the nation has commended this act of the court.”

Now the nation wants to hear this historic decision which will have a far-reaching impact on the future of Pakistan, he added.

This is the first time the PTI has shared its reservations publicly over what it believes is a lingering delay in the announcement of the crucial verdict by the apex court.

According to background discussions, Imran Khan’s PTI, the main petitioner in the case, has high hopes, but Bilawal Bhutto, the PPP chairman, believes the judgment might not be unsettling for the ruling Sharif family, The Express Tribune reported.

Bilawal doubts SC will rule against Sharifs

The Bhutto scion said he was also waiting for the court verdict before contesting a by-election. “[However] we are not hopeful about (a favorable) verdict,” he said while speaking to journalists after inaugurating the 1.7-kilometer-long Sir Aga Khan Bridge on February 28, the longest on the River Indus in Pakistan at Jhirk-Mulakatiar section in the southern province of Sindh where his party PPP rules.

“We are not hopeful about a judgment in the Panama case against the Sharif family,” he said. “Courts usually do not give verdicts against the Sharif brothers.”

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