Demolish Pakistan founder Jinnah’s house in Mumbai: BJP lawmaker Lodha

MAMOSA Report — Indian lawmkaker Prabhat Lodha belonging to right-wing BJP – the ruling party today demanded the residence of Pakistan’s founder Quaid Mohammad Ali Jinnah in south Mumbai be demolished and a cultural center built in its place.

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly on the budgetary demands of the Public Works Department (PWD), the billionaire (according to Forbes magazine) real estate mogul said, “The Jinnah residence in south Mumbai was the place from where the conspiracy of partition was hatched.”

“Jinnah House is a symbol of the partition. The structure should be demolished,” he said quoted Indian news agency PTI.

Lodha said after the Parliament passed the Enemy Property Act, Jinnah House was the property of the Indian government. “Demolishing the property is the only option,” he said.

“The PWD is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the building and lakhs of rupees is spent over this,” Lodha complained.

According to the fire-brand legislator, after the passage of the Enemy Property Act, Jinnah’s heirs cannot stake claim to the Jinnah house — a historic locale where Jinnah lived until August 14, 1947 — the day the subcontinent became independent from British Colonial rule and was partitioned into Pakistan and India.

“The structure should be demolished and a cultural center highlighting Maharashtra’s culture and pride should be built. The cultural center should also exhibit the glorious history of India,” Lodha said.

Lodha is vice-president of the BJP, Maharashtra, and is the founder of the Lodha Group—a Mumbai-based real estate developer into housing and commercial projects.

The grand house built by Pakistan’s founding father is located in the posh Malabar Hill area of south Mumbai and remains an iconic structure because of India, Pakistan partition history.

India’s Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2016, which amends the Enemy Property Act, 1968, was passed by voice vote in Lok Sabha on March 14, incorporating the amendments made by the Rajya Sabha last week.

As per the Act, successors of those who migrated to Pakistan and China during partition will have no claim over the properties left behind in India.

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