Drinking water in Karachi ‘contains human waste’

The drinking water being supplied to Karachi — Pakistan’s economic capital, has been found to contain particles of human waste and bacteria and therefore unfit for human consumption, according to the findings of a commission under Sindh Justice Iqbal Kalhoro.

Deputy MD Karachi Water Board said the places have been identified where waterlines are getting sewerage infiltration.

The report disclosed that the presence of E.coli indicates the mixing of sewage water with drinking water sources.

The Water Commission voiced concern and serious reservations over the grave contamination of water as underground pipelines for potable water are receiving the sewage from the sewer lines.

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The Commission report states that clean drinking water is not available across the megacity.

Justice Iqbal Kalhoro wondered if the dirty water is consumed for making ‘Wuzu’ (ablution) for offering prayers.

The commission report remarked as to what is the benefit of such filtration plants that fail to provide clean water.

A report released last month said that in most cities of Sindh– Pakistan’s second largest province population-wise, the underground piped water supply system has become obsolete and dysfunctional due to decay and lack of proper maintenance over the years.

The report prepared by Sindh water commission pointed out that there are 414 places in the province, where drainage water is disposed into River Indus or its canals. It further states that people all over the province were not being provided drinking water in accordance with the parameters set by the World Health Organization (WHO) citing mismanagement, incompetence and negligence on part of authorities in ensuring the provision of safe drinking water to the people.

The commission was formed in December 2016 on the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, comprising Sindh High Court judge.

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