Dubai-Based Hadid to Operate, Manage 11,000 Sq-ft Terminal at Jinnah International Airport

May 8, 2018 (BE2C2) — Global flight support provider Hadid, which announced its debut as an FBO manager last month in a deal that will see it operate the FBO at Italy’s Riviera Airport, has wasted little time in expanding its fledgling network.

For its second location, the Dubai-based global trip support provider will operate and manage an 11,000-sq-ft FBO (fixed-base operator) terminal at Pakistan’s Jinnah International Airport. The facility, located near the country’s civil aviation authority headquarters, is currently undergoing a major renovation, and when completed will include a conference room, business center, and crew lounge. In addition to on-site customs and immigration, it offers flight-support services such as permitting, navigation, aircraft charter, and concierge.

“This is an exciting venture to fully integrate and expand our range of services at KHI,” said Issa Zuriqi, the company’s commercial director. “This opportunity paves the way for future projects we have planned globally.”

The Hadid deal with Italy’s Riviera Airport in Liguria has resulted in the establishment of Riviera Executive Aviation, which will develop an executive aviation terminal at the Italian Riviera gateway—the first privately operated, dedicated GA airport in the country—to be managed by Hadid. The airport is intended to become a major GA hub for the region, and in addition to the new terminal, plans call for new hangars and maintenance facilities and upgraded navigation aids. The airport authorities also intend to lengthen the runway from 4,900 feet (1,500 meters) to 5,600 feet (1,700 meters) to better accommodate long-haul private aircraft.

“Riviera Airport has significant potential to become the foremost general aviation airport in the region,” said Hadid chairman Mohamad Hadid, noting his company recently opened an office there to provide services. “Hadid and Riviera Airport S.p.A share the vision of grand infrastructural development that will serve the region’s growing demand for general aviation and it will ultimately benefit the local economy and community.”

HADID offers its global clientele comprehensive flight support services including Flight Permits, Flight Planning, Navigation, Charter and Concierge. Additionally, the HADID team is available on-site 24/7 at the airport to deliver Ground Support, including Handling, Fuelling and VIP/CIP services.

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