Enemies of Pakistan on East or West, should know they’ll fall short of bullets but our resolve won’t: Army Chief

Enemies of Pakistan on East or West, should know that they shall fall short of their bullets but our resolve shall not, says Pakistan Army Chief Gen Bajwa on the eve of September 6 Defense Day held every year to mark Pakistan’s victory in the second India-Pakistan war fought on Kashmir dispute– an unfinished agenda of the 1947 partition.

Pakistan calls Kashmir its jugular vein and has faced war with its eastern neighbor India thrice on Kashmir –it remains unsettled despite UN Security Council Resolutions calling for plebiscite.

Earlier, on September 2, Gen Bajwa said, “Pakistan is our passion & our life; our lives r for Pak. ‘Nothing/No One is above country. Inshallah together we’ll make it the best country.”

According to some observers, the army chief’s latest statement reflects upon Us President Donald Trump’s AfInPAk (Afghanistan-India-Pakistan) strategy embedded in his South Asia policy which he announced last month after 6 months of consultation and deliberations.

In a rare presidential address on August 21 at Fort Myer, Virginia, Trump outlined his administration’s strategy for the United States’ future engagement in Afghanistan and envisages bringing its new ally India on board to achieve “lasting and durable peace in the region.”

Trump’s plan will deepen American involvement in a mission that has already lasted for 16 years, say some observers.

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