Engineer-turned Pakistani painter Khusro Subzwari exhibits his latest works

Irshad Salim— Sufism-inspired Pakistani art painter Khusro Subzwari recently exhibited his latest collection at the newly inaugurated 2500-sft ArtKaam gallery in metropolis Karachi.

Renowned Pakistani art critic Marjorie Hussain and many known art connoisseurs graced the occasion at the soft opening.

The self-taught engineer-turned Pakistani painter’s latest show established that art scenario in Pakistan is on the uptick– long inhibited by myriad socio-cultural and sectarian undercurrents specially in Pakistan’s economic capital and art, literature and cultural hub.

Subzwari attained international fame with his “Whirling Dervishes” theme. His romance with the theme and penchant for abstract forms and  substance achieved through powerful lines and soft, pastel colors of all hues began when he visited Istanbul in 2011. The message through his artform has been cryptic and inspirational for the art lovers.

The background in engineering proved to be an asset for Khusro, and in understanding and development of textures, and the three dimensional perspective and balancing of images on the canvas. Subzwari has Bachelors degree from NED University and Masters Degree from the US.

The Karachi-based painter was deeply touched by the “Sema” sessions he attended there where he witnessed the Whirling Dervishes pay tribute to Maulana Rumi. The aura of spirituality in these surroundings highly touched him, thereby awakening his inner desires for peace and tranquility significantly.

Khusro’s latest show includes his “New & Unseen paintings” – a collection of sufic-spirited paintings by the artist– both landscape,  figurative and abstract.

His current exhibition which consists of more than 65 paintings, is a departure from his usual and known works, with him now foraying into landscapes, abstracts and cosmic depictions – all done in starkly different ways while keeping his individual and unique style intact with brush strokes in sufic colors, cosmic shades,  and hues– highlighted by minimal lines shapes, and forms but accentuated by wholesome presence of texture and space optimization.

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