Four Pakistanis attacked with Samurai sword in robbery incident in Malaysia

Four Pakistani furniture shop workers were attacked by a samurai sword-weilding man after they had overpowered the assailant’s two accomplices who had earlier attempted to rob the shop in Taman Seri Acheh of Penang Malaysia on Monday morning.

Unable to bear the pain after being inflicted with slash wounds, the Pakistanis released the two robbers who escaped with the armed man.

The Pakistani expats, aged between 20 and 40, sustained multiple injuries and were warded at the Parit Buntar Hospital in Perak where their condition was reported to be stable report Bernama.

Seberang Perai Selatan police chief, Supt Shafee Abdul Samad said the robbers had taken away three handphones and RM500 belonging to the Pakistanis.

He said in the incident, the foreigners were in the midst of opening the furniture shop to begin business when two masked men appeared and forced them into a car where a struggle ensued, causing their masks to fall off.

“The four workers overpowered the suspects when their accomplice turned up and attacked them with a samurai sword,” he said here today.

Shafee added that the Pakistanis were forced to let the three men go as they were in pain, having sustained slash wounds after struggling with the armed man.

“The victims were able to identify the suspects.

“There was no close circuit television camera in the area or nearby, and neither were there any independent witnesses.”

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