‘From Here to There’ Art Show of 33 Emerging Painters Draw Huge Crowd

May 6, 2018 (DESPARDES/PKONWEB) — ArtKaam Gallery recently held a group show of 33 emerging artists from all over Pakistan drawing a huge crowd of art lovers and enthusiasts from the city.

The works on display by these Pakistani painters ranged from the figurative to the abstract including calligraphic art.

Curator Mehreen Hashmi said, “Transition is essential in every artist’s practice, whether it’s a technique, imagery, context or medium of choice. In every creative process, it’s inevitable or else we call it ‘stagnant’.

That emerging process of form and substance, spatial dilation textured with mature strokes and colors is evident in these works.

A unique display, it’s a matter of time and experience which would evolve the artistic practice of these young emerging creative lot.

That there is an invisible yet foreseeable process work involved in every artist’s journey is evident in almost every painting. That freshness and surprise element made the show stand out. None of the works is predictable– a hallmark of the established ones. That in itself was a selling point for art collectors.

Over the years, art collection is not just the hobby of the rich and the classy. The penchant for good easily-affordable painting has trickled down specially among the Pakistani millenials.

There are several ways of producing a series based on similar genre, common imagery and medium. Some artists prefers to stay on their routine whereas others explore with their process on regular basis. “Hence artwork differs but remains the same under their signature style as we call it.”

These 33 young painters are a tad closer to achieving their signature style if they continue to follow the do’s and dont’s relentlessly. As once famous Pakistani art critic Dr. Akber Naqvi wrote in the 70s, “Painting is a jealous lover.”

It would be worthwhile  though to wait and see a Rs20,000 artwork sold at ArtKaam now add value over the years and become pricey and a prize to chase. That’s not uncommon in Pakistan art scene.

According to gallery owner Junaid Hameed, more than 70 percent of these works were sold out.

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